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Why does Bud want to talk to his father alone?

Why does Bud want to talk to his father alone?

He’ll then bring Bud’s suitcase in for him once the time is up. Bud, the quick thinker that he is, convinces Lefty to let him talk to his “father,” by himself. Again, Bud thinks that by outsmarting Lefty, he can minimize the amount of trouble he’ll be in.

What happened after Bud missed the train and headed back to Hooverville?

What happened after Bud missed the train and headed back to Hooverville? He and Deza Malone gathered greens for the day’s meal. He saw a bunch of cops tearing down and burning the shacks. Bugs, who had also missed the train, fell in beside me.

Why did Mr and Mrs Amos put Bud in the shed?

Overall, Bud is forced to escape from the shed in order to avoid an angry swarm of hornets. Bud is locked in the shed at the back of the Amos’ property by Mrs. Amos because she accuses Bud of beating her son, Todd. While in the shed, Bud sees what he insists is a “vampire bat” hanging from the ceiling.

What did Bud do that scared Mr Lewis?

Bud’s wild imagination takes over, and he immediately believes that Lefty Lewis is a vampire. When Lefty lets go of Bud’s arm, Bud slams and locks both doors so Lefty cannot get in.

What does Bud learn about his father while he is pretending to be asleep?

Bud says that he will go in and explain to his father what happened; Mr. Lewis keeps his suitcase as collateral–he says if Bud doesn’t come back in five minutes, that he will bring his suitcase to him inside; we know that Bud has been lying, and if the men meet, he will certainly get caught in his lie.

What does Bud do to help himself sleep while in Hooverville?

In Chapter 8, Bud and Bugs spend the night at a Hooverville in hopes of catching the morning train to Chicago. When Bud lies down, he does a little trick that helps him fall asleep. Bud takes his blanket out of his suitcase and pulls it all the way over his head.

Why did Bud Fill the jar with water?

Why did Bug fill the jar with water? He needed some water for later, when he left. He wanted to soak his dentures. He wanted to make Todd Pee in the bed.

Why did Bud feel age six was a bad time?

Why did Bud feel that age six was “a bad time”? Grownups didn’t think children were cute at age six and also their teeth start falling out at that age. In what way did Bud get his revenge?

Why did the man pretend to be Bud’s parents?

Bud is a fist of love waiting to explode and buddy is a dogs name why did the man and woman in the mission line pretend to be Bud’s parents? because they knew he needed food why did Bud ask the librarian how long it would take to get to Chicago from Flint?

How to study for the Bud Not Buddy test?

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Why was Bud not happy to be going to a foster home?

Created by annatrahan15 Terms in this set (74) why wasn’t Bud happy to be going to a foster home? he was scared to be with an older boy in a new home why was the blue flyer important to Bud? it was his last memory of his mom how did Bud’s prediction about his new foster come true? because he dreamed that the family would be mean