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Why do golfers shout fore?

Why do golfers shout fore?

What is ‘fore’? The word ‘fore’ is used to warn people there’s a golf ball heading in their direction and that they’re in danger of being hit. A golfer shouts it to alert others, usually when they hit a wayward shot towards another golfer or spectator.

What does fore mean in Scottish?

The word ‘fore’ is Scottish in origin, and is a shortened version of the word ‘before’ or ‘afore. ‘ The old Scottish warning, essentially meaning “look out ahead,” most probably originated in military circles, where it was used by artillery men as a warning to troops in forward positions.

What does mashed potatoes mean in golf?

After a player makes takes their shot, and occasionally during their swing, some prat in the crowd will yell something along the lines of ‘mashed potato’ or ‘cheeseburger’. There is also the more common, ‘Get in the hole!

What does a Forecaddie mean?

: a golf caddie who is stationed in the fairway and who indicates the position of balls on the course.

What does F F mean in golf?

front nine (also “front, front side”) the first 9 holes (1-9) of an 18 hole golf course.

Why is golf named after birds?

Birdie: In the 19th century, the term “bird” was the equivalent of “cool” or “excellent” – golf scholars believe this is where the term came from. Eagle: American in origin, this play on birdie essentially upped the stakes. If a good score of one-under was a bird, a great score of two-under was a more prestigious bird.

What is par4?

This basically means the normal number of strikes a good player makes. So when a hole is tagged a Par 4 and you completed it in 4 strikes, you are considered good or in the average.

What is a Gilligan in golf?

Gilligan – Golfers can agree on a gilligan when in a match. Once a gilligan is in effect, your opponent can ask you to play a shot again, usually on a long putt holed. ( Golf Today) Gimmie – This term refers to a putt that a number of players agree to count as made even without it being played.

What is golf ball made from?

Throughout much of the early 20th century, gutta-percha and balata balls became the weapons of choice for most golfers, pro and amateur alike. These days, a golf ball is typically made of a butadiene rubber center surrounded by one or more rubber mantles and topped off with a tough skin.

How much do you tip a Pebble Beach caddy?

A respectable tip for a single caddie is $60-$120 and $100-$140 for a double bag. The caddies at Pebble are what make the round(s) so memorable and they know the greens like no other and provide knowledge about not only the course, but the entire Monterey Peninsula.

How much do you tip a caddy?

According to Whidden, a caddie should be tipped about 40 to 50 percent of the green fee. And the group should split the forecaddie tip evenly, usually between $50 and $100 in total.

Why do golfers Shout “fore” when teeing off?

Golfers use this term immediately following an errant shot as a way to warn other golfers that a ball might be heading their way. When you hit a shot off the tee, fairway or even from the rough and the ball flies toward an adjacent fairway, shout “fore” loudly and clearly.

Why do you yell Fore on a golf course?

And in golf, yelling “fore” is simply a shorter way to yell “watch out ahead” (or “watch out before”). It allows golfers to be forewarned, in other words. Screaming “fore!” after a bad shot that might be hurtling towards another golfer or group of golfers is one of the quickest pieces of golf behavior that every beginner learns.

Why do they say fore in golf?

Use of the term “fore” dates back to 1878, according to the Oxford Dictionary . The term is a short form of the word “before,” which is a synonym to “ahead.”. Thus, fore literally means, “look out ahead.”. Golfers use this term immediately following an errant shot as a way to warn other golfers that a ball might be heading their way.

Why do people get hurt playing golf?

Professional golfers get hurt from overuse. Overtime their bodies start to breakdown, because scheduling does not allow proper time to rest. Not to mention they keep extending the golf season and decreasing the off season to allow time to rest.