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Who won Le Mans in 2002?

Who won Le Mans in 2002?

Winners of 24 Hours of Le Mans

year car drivers
2000 Audi R8 Franck Biela, Tom Kristensen, Emanuele Pirro
2001 Audi 3596T Franck Biela, Tom Kristensen, Emanuele Pirro
2002 Audi R8 Franck Biela, Tom Kristensen, Emanuele Pirro
2003 Bentley Tom Kristensen, Dindo Capello, Guy Smith

Did Ken Miles win the Lamont?

British-born Ken Miles was a gifted race car engineer and driver. Miles won the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1966, and placed second at Le Mans. Miles died in a crash while testing Ford’s J-Car later that year.

How many Le Mans has Ford won?

Ford – 5 Titles The in 1966 race has been immortalised in the Hollywood blockbuster “Le Mans 66” and the Ford GT40 became a supercar in motorsport legend. Ford won in 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1975.

Did Carroll Shelby win Le Mans?

Carroll Shelby is the only person to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans as a driver with Aston Martin in 1959, as a manufacturer with the Cobra Daytona Coupe in 1964 and as a team manager in 1966 and 1967 for the Ford GT program.

Was Ken Miles robbed?

In any event, McLaren’s car passed Miles, robbing him of a potentially historic triple crown (he’d already won prestigious races at Daytona and Sebring).

Does Ford still race Le Mans?

Although it’s the most legendary American Le Mans car of all time, the Ford GT is far from the only one to compete and win at the French endurance race.

Did Ken Miles really slow down at Le Mans?

We see in the movie that Miles was forced to pit after just one lap because his door wouldn’t close properly. According to “8 Meters,” Ford executives did eventually learn that a dead heat would not be allowed and there could be only one winner, but that was after they gave the order for Miles to slow down.

Did Ken Miles get robbed?

In any event, McLaren’s car passed Miles, robbing him of a potentially historic triple crown (he’d already won prestigious races at Daytona and Sebring). …

Why did Ken Miles lose?

Does Ford own Ferrari?

To put it simply, no. Ford does not own Ferrari. Unfortunately, the Ford-Ferrari merger didn’t go quite like the automaker hoped it would. Instead, The New York Times reports that in 1963, when Henry Ford II tried to buy Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari ultimately nixed the deal.

Did Ken Miles get cheated at Le Mans?

And, in the end, that’s how Ken Miles, who’s played by Christian Bale, does end up in that driver’s seat in the sky. He dies in a tragic crash at the end of the movie—after he’s cheated out of a first place win at Le Mans because of a botched PR plan.

Did Corvette ever win Le Mans?

The Corvette C7. R scored its first Le Mans win at the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans, with Oliver Gavin, Tommy Milner, and Jordan Taylor driving the #64 Corvette to victory in the GTE-Pro class. It is also Corvette Racing’s 8th win at the circuit.

Who was the winner of the 2002 24 Hours of Le Mans?

The No. 1 Audi Sport Team Joest car of Tom Kristensen, Frank Biela and Emanuele Pirro won the race overall and Audi’s third consecutive victory in Le Mans, extending back to the 2000 event . The 2002 24 Hours of Le Mans was the 70th edition of the event and took place at the 13.880 km (8.625 mi) Circuit de la Sarthe from 15 to 16 June.

How many cars competed in Le Mans in 2002?

On 21 March 2002, the selection committee of the ACO announced the full 50-car entry list for Le Mans, plus six reserves. In addition from the eight guaranteed entries, 17 regular season entries came from the American Le Mans Series, while the remainder of the field was filled with one-off entries only competing at Le Mans.

Who are the winners of the Le Mans race?

The winningest Le Mans driver of all-time, Tom Kristensen of Denmark. Six-time Le Mans winner, Belgian driver Jacky Ickx. Five-time Le Mans winners: British driver Derek Bell (left), German driver Frank Biela (center), Italian driver Emanuele Pirro (right).

Who is the most successful driver at Le Mans?

The most successful participant of all time at Le Mans, Danish driver Tom Kristensen leads with nine wins (during 1997–2013), of which six were consecutive (2000–2005)