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Who rules the Commonwealth of Nations?

Who rules the Commonwealth of Nations?

Queen Elizabeth II
Under the formula of the London Declaration, Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Commonwealth, a title that is by law a part of Elizabeth’s royal titles in each of the Commonwealth realms, the 16 members of the Commonwealth that recognise her as their monarch.

Who is the director of Commonwealth?

The Commonwealth secretary-general should not be confused with the head of the Commonwealth, who is currently Elizabeth II….Commonwealth Secretary-General.

Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations
Incumbent Patricia Scotland QC since 1 April 2016
Style Her Excellency
Appointer Commonwealth Heads of Government

Who was the leader of Commonwealth period?

King George VI was the first Head of the Commonwealth, and Queen Elizabeth II became Head when he died. But the British king or queen is not automatically Head of the Commonwealth.

Who was the first leader of the Commonwealth?

Parliament of the United Kingdom
Commonwealth of Nations/Founders

Who is the current chairperson of Commonwealth 2021?

Paul Kagame
The new date had been announced as the week of 21 June 2021, but was again postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic….2021 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting CHOGM 2021
Cities Kigali
Chair Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda
Follows 2018
Precedes TBD

Who is the secretary-general of Commonwealth of Nations?

Hon Patricia Scotland QC
The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC is the current Commonwealth Secretary-General.

Does the queen rule the Commonwealth?

The Queen is Sovereign of 15 Commonwealth realms in addition to the UK. She is also Head of the Commonwealth itself, a voluntary association of 54 independent countries. This is an important symbolic and unifying role.

Who is the next head of Commonwealth?

Charles, Prince
The title is currently held by Queen Elizabeth II, George VI’s elder daughter. Charles, Prince of Wales, was appointed her designated successor at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018….

Head of the Commonwealth

What is the richest country in the Commonwealth?

List of Commonwealth of Nations countries by GDP (nominal)

Rank Country/Region GDP per capita (US$)
World 10,728
Commonwealth of Nations 3,532
1 United Kingdom 42,557
2 India 2,191