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Who originally sang the song on the road again?

Who originally sang the song on the road again?

Willie Nelson
1 hit overall (6th as a solo recording act) in November 1980, and became one of Nelson’s most recognizable tunes. In addition, the song reached No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, and No….On the Road Again (Willie Nelson song)

“On the Road Again”
Single by Willie Nelson
Label Columbia
Songwriter(s) Willie Nelson
Producer(s) Willie Nelson

Who sang on the road again besides Willie Nelson?


Title Performer Release date
On the Road Again The Chipmunks 1981
On the Road Again Sonny Fisher 1981
On the Road Again Reg Lindsay 1981
On the Road Again Schleimer K 1981

How many artists sing on the road again?

This rendition of Nelson’s classic hit timeless hit includes Ingrid Andress, Gabby Barrett, Jordan Davis, Russell Dickerson, Lindsay Ell, Riley Green, Caylee Hammack, Cody Johnson, Tenille Townes and Morgan Wallen, along with Nelson.

Who wrote the Canned Heat song on the road again?

Alan Wilson
Floyd Jones
On The Road Again/Lyricists

When was the song on the road again released?

On The Road Again/Released

Can Willie Nelson sing?

At 88, Willie Nelson is still singing, writing, championing the causes he believes in—and staying true to his renegade Texas roots.

Did Willie Nelson win an Oscar for on the road again?

Grammy Hall of Fame
Grammy Award for Best Country SongAmerican Music Award for Favorite Country Single
On The Road Again/Awards

When did Willie Nelson write on the road again?

Such is the case for Willie Nelson’s timeless anthem, “On the Road Again,” penned for the 1980 film Honeysuckle Rose which Nelson also starred in as the leading role of Buck Bonham. The familiar-from-the-first-beat song went on to win a Grammy Award for Best Country Song in 1981.

What does on the road again mean?

1. Traveling away from one’s home or usual place of work once again, as after a break.

What year was Canned Heat on the road again?


What happened to the singer of Canned Heat?

Death. On April 5, 1981, during a break between sets at The Palomino Club in North Hollywood, Hite was handed a vial of heroin by a fan. He snorted it and fell into a coma, after which others unsuccessfully attempted to revive him with a large dose of cocaine.

What instruments are in the song on the road again?


  • Alan Wilson – vocal, harmonica, electric guitar, tambura.
  • Henry Vestine – electric guitar.
  • Larry Taylor – bass guitar.
  • Adolfo de la Parra – drums.