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Who is the oldest justice on the Supreme Court today?

Who is the oldest justice on the Supreme Court today?

Justice Stephen Breyer
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Justice Stephen Breyer, the U.S. Supreme Court’s oldest member, remained mum about his future on Thursday after it issued the final two rulings of a nine-month term during which some liberal activists had urged him to retire. Breyer, 82, has served on the court for 27 years.

How old is the oldest judge in America?

At his death at age 104, he was the oldest person to serve as a federal judge in the history of the United States, actively hearing cases until approximately one month before his death….

Wesley E. Brown
Died January 23, 2012 (aged 104) Wichita, Kansas
Education Kansas City School of Law (LL.B.)

Who was the only justice of the US Supreme Court to play in the NFL?

Byron Raymond White (June 8, 1917 – April 15, 2002) was an American lawyer and professional football player who served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1962 to 1993….Football career.

Rushing yards: 1,321
Rushing touchdowns: 11

Who was the first Supreme Court justice?

John Jay
The First Supreme Court As stipulated by the Judiciary Act of 1789, there was one Chief Justice, John Jay, and five Associate Justices: James Wilson, William Cushing, John Blair, John Rutledge and James Iredell. Only Jay, Wilson, Cushing, and Blair were present at the Court’s first sitting.

Who is the oldest Chief Justice?

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Associate Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (1841-1935) is considered the oldest person ever to sit on the US Supreme Court. He served from 1902 to 1932, (and as Acting Chief Justice from January–February 1930).

Who was the youngest Supreme Court justice?

At age 85, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the oldest justice on the court. The youngest person ever appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court was Joseph Story, who was appointed by President Madison to the Supreme Court in 1812 at the tender age of 32.

Who was the longest serving US Supreme Court justice?

John Marshall, born in 1755 in Fauquier County , Virginia, is best known as the longest serving Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. From 1801 until his death in 1835, John Marshall was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Who is the oldest person on the US Supreme Court?

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. is the oldest person to serve as a United States Supreme Court justice. He was nearly 91 years old when he retired as an Associate Justice. Holmes is one of the most cited Supreme Court justices, especially for his views on freedom of speech under the First Amendment.