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Who is Bo Burnham?

Who is Bo Burnham?

Robert Pickering “Bo” Burnham (born August 21, 1990) is an American comedian, musician, singer, filmmaker, and actor….

Bo Burnham
Occupation Comedian musician singer filmmaker actor
Years active 2006–present
Partner(s) Lorene Scafaria (2013–present)
Comedy career

Who is Bo Burnham dating?

Lorene Scafaria
“To my girlfriend, Lorene Scafaria, who’s here… she’s a writer-director, and I was inspired to do this by watching her work, so thank you,” he said. Later on in 2019, Burnham praised Scafaria again, this time in a IG post applauding her film Hustlers.

Where is Bo Burnham now?

Bo has been in a relationship with Lorene Scafaria since 2013, and they reside together in Los Angeles.

How old is Bo Burnham?

31 years (August 21, 1990)
Bo Burnham/Age

What is Bo Burnham famous for?

Burnham wrote and directed MTV’s ‘Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous’ and the indie darling ‘Eighth Grade’ Still fascinated by fame and youth, Burnham co-created Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous for MTV.

Are Bo Burnham and Lorene Scafaria still together?

The couple lives together in Los Angeles In an interview with Time, Burnham discussed Eighth Grade. In the interview, he shared that he lived in LA with Scafaria. The interview was in 2018, so it’s clear that the couple has lived together for some time, even though it seems like he was alone in Inside.

Did Bo and his girlfriend break up?

However, after two years, the couple broke up, at which point Brody began dating his future wife, Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester. Despite their eight-year relationship, Burnham and Scafaria don’t have kids. Perhaps they’re both too busy with their careers to start a family.

How tall is Bo Burnham’s wife?

Scafaria is five foot two, while Burnham is six foot four, making every photo op of them look faintly ridiculous—and completely adorable. BRB, manifesting this “equally talented artists with nonoverlapping interests and an extreme height difference” energy for my next relationship.

Where do I know Bo Burnham from?

Hamilton, Massachusetts
Bo Burnham was born on August 21, 1990 in Hamilton, Massachusetts, USA as Robert Burnham.

Is Bo Burnham a girlfriend?

Lorene Scafaria (2013–)
Bo Burnham/Partner

Is Bo Burnham A genius?

BO BURNHAM IS A GENIUS. At 16 he became one of the first viral internet sensations for his gags mixing comedy and musicals on a platform (Youtube) that had only recently come into existence.

How old was Bo when he started dating Lorene?

The pair have kept many of the details of their relationship private, though fans have not failed to notice the considerable age gap between the pair. There’s a 12-year age gap between Bo and Lorene, making Bo 23 and Lorene 35 when they started dating.