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Who is AJ Lee and what is her real name?

Who is AJ Lee and what is her real name?

April Jeanette Mendez (born March 19, 1987) is an American author and former professional wrestler. She is best known for her time in the professional wrestling promotion WWE under the ring name AJ Lee .

Who was AJ Lee’s mentor on WWE breakout star?

The show mixed professional wrestling and reality competition formats as six female participants from FCW competed to be WWE’s “next breakout star”. Primo was assigned as her “WWE Pro”, the role of her mentor in the storyline. She performed as a face (good guy) on the show and WWE adapted her ” nerd ” fandom to her character.

Why did AJ Lee attack Natalya and Kaitlyn?

AJ made multiple attempts to mend their relationship but Bryan spurned her and left her distraught. As a result, she attacked Natalya and Kaitlyn when they attempted to comfort her, marking her character’s transition to “mentally unstable”. AJ turned her affections to Bryan’s rival and WWE Champion CM Punk as well as Kane.

When did AJ Lee lose the WWE Championship?

At SummerSlam on August 17, AJ lost the championship to Paige. Their storyline was then intertwined with that of Nikki and Brie Bella, at the behest of Stephanie McMahon , who granted Nikki a championship opportunity. [134]

When did AJ Lee sign with the WWE?

In May 2009, Lee signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and was assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), WWE’s developmental promotion, where she adopted the ring name AJ Lee . In FCW, she was Queen of FCW and FCW Divas Champion, and was the first person to have held both titles.

How tall is AJ Lee height and weight?

She has a tattoo, which reads “6-16-13” (in tally marks) on the back of her neck. She is a big fan of cosplay (dresses up like a video game or comic book characters). Due to her brother’s interest in WWE as a child, April decided to go into this male-dominated game.

How many times has AJ Lee won the Divas Championship?

In subsequent years, she won the Divas Championship a record-tying three times and held the title for an overall record of 406 days. She also won the Slammy Award for Diva of the Year in 2012 and 2014, and readers of Pro Wrestling Illustrated voted her Woman of the Year from 2012 to 2014.