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Who did the Ultimate Warrior train?

Who did the Ultimate Warrior train?

Now, Rob Van Dam has appeared on Hannibal TV (h/t WrestleZone), and during their interview, Rob Van Dam revealed that he had trained The Ultimate Warrior for one last wrestling return in 2008.

Was Ultimate Warrior a bodybuilder?

Who Was Ultimate Warrior? Ultimate Warrior enjoyed early success as a bodybuilder before transitioning to professional wrestling. He became an immediate star after his 1987 arrival to WWE, his rapid ascent punctuated by a win over champion Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI in April 1990.

What year did the Ultimate Warrior start wrestling?

Making his debut in 1987, Ultimate Warrior quickly captured the attention of the WWE Universe with his comic book physique, neon face paint and aggressive ring entrance.

Did the Undertaker wrestle the Ultimate Warrior?

The Ultimate Warrior defeated The Undertaker after the blow and Taker was left in the center of the ring in the bag.

When did Ultimate Warrior start using performance enhancing drugs?

In an unearthed interview from 2008, the Ultimate Warrior impassionately shared the pros and cons of using performance-enhancing drugs, how they used to run rampant in professional wrestling, and the deceptive means wrestlers used to obtain them.

When did Ultimate Warrior win his first championship?

In 1987, Warrior began competing for the WCWA Texas Heavyweight Championship, losing to Bob Bradley in a tournament final on January 12. He won the title from Bradley on February 2 of that year. The title was held up in April 1987 after Warrior left the WCCW.

Who was the Ultimate Warrior in the steroid cycle?

The Ultimate Warrior Steroid Cycle. The Ultimate Warrior, was an amazing star in the old WWF (now WWE). He is about the only guy in professional wrestling that compares to Hulk Hogan in popularity. In fact, he probably would go down in history as the number 2 wrestler in WWE if it wasn’t for his problems with Vince McMahon.

When did the Ultimate Warrior return to the WWF?

The initial plan for Warrior’s 1992 return was to eventually give him another run with the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. However, his return coincided with the government’s crackdown on steroids in wrestling. Warrior was admittedly a heavy user of steroids during his professional wrestling career.