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Which is the best Studienkolleg in Germany?

Which is the best Studienkolleg in Germany?

Studienkollegs in the north of Germany

  • Studienkolleg at the TU Berlin.
  • Studienkolleg at the University of Hamburg.
  • Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg at the University of Hannover.
  • Sachsen Studienkolleg at the University of Leipzig.
  • Staatliches Studienkolleg at the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen.

Can I give Aufnahmeprüfung in India?

Students will be able to give their Feststellungsprüfung Entrance Examination (FSP) in India itself. After completing the course students are not only limited to join Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg but they will be eligible to. apply in any University in Germany including the TU9.

Can I do Studienkolleg in English?

Language proficiency The language of instruction in Studienkollegs is German. Therefore, in order to be admitted to a Studienkolleg, you will always need to show adequate proficiency in German. This also applies if, subsequently, you wish to take a bachelor course with English as language of instruction.

Is B1 enough for Studienkolleg?

There are almost 29 Studienkollegs in Germany in different states. The entry requirement is B1/B2 level of German language and passing the qualifying examination known as Aufnamheprüfung. The preparatory courses at the Studienkollegs ends with an examination known as Festellungsprüfung or Assessment Test.

Is Studienkolleg free in Germany?

Studienkolleg is a free foundation course in Germany, but it depends on your Studienkolleg. If the university you want to study is public and offers preparatory courses independently, then no fees are applied. However, you still need to pay the student semester contribution.

What level of German is required for Studienkolleg?

To apply, you need to provide proof that your German language skills are at least on Level B2. During the admission exam to Studienkolleg you will then have to prove that your language skills are sufficient to successfully complete the course there.

Do Indian students need studienkolleg?

Studienkolleg course is required for those students for whom schooling is not equivalent to high school graduation of Germany which requires 13 years of formal education, where as in India and many other countries, the schooling is of 12 years only.

Is FSP hard?

The final exam of the preparatory courses in the Studienkolleg (STK) is called the Feststellungsprüfung (FSP). The questions are very specific, so it can be quite difficult to pass without proper preparation, and you can only take the test twice. …

Can I take Studienkolleg online?

Apply for a place at the Studienkolleg You can run your application online or by post. If the Studienkolleg is governed by your University, you must apply through it. The online application can be made through the German universities’ online application platform

How much does it cost to study in Studienkolleg?

There is no tuition for attending a state-run Studienkolleg, although there is usually a fee between 100 and 400 Euro per semester, depending on the Studienkolleg. You also need to pay for health insurance and will need to buy books and other class material.

Do I need to attend Studienkolleg?

Mandatory participation in a Studienkolleg is required by international students who do not have an equivalent finishing degree from their home country. The application process consists of an application package, an entrance exam, and the payment of any fees.

How expensive is Studienkolleg?

The tuition fees for Studienkolleg is about INR15 Lakh which is divided into – Foundation Year course cost of € 9,900 and Blocked Account (living cost) of approx. €8,640. This includes, airport pickup, German Language Training- A2 -C1 and Studienkolleg preparation.

How often do you take the TestDaF test?

As many other language exams, TestDaF consists of 4 equal parts that cover 4 key skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening. The exam is held 6 times a year in officially accredited test centers all around the world.

How long is the German Language TestDaF exam?

TestDaF exam lasts 3 hours and 10 minutes, not including breaks. Exam official site where sample tests with explanations are given. The list of the most common and widely-used German words. A huge repository of materials for TestDaF preparation.

Do you have to study German to go to Studienkolleg?

If you are not sure whether you can take up your studies directly, if you need to attend a Studienkolleg first or if you are not qualified to study in Germany at all, we will find out while processing your application. You should look into additional criteria now. The language of instruction in Studienkollegs is German.

Where can I find the current Studienkollegs course offer?

You can find the current course offer at The language requirements as well as the accepted language certificates may vary between different Studienkollegs. Application deadlines for Studienkollegs are often set earlier than those for university studies.