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Where is Neyland buried?

Where is Neyland buried?

Knoxville National Cemetery
Neyland (January 1890 – 1965) and brother Mayo W. Neyland (March 1896 – November 1969). Both General Neyland and Ada are buried in Knoxville National Cemetery.

When did Neyland coach Tennessee?

Neyland coached the Vols for nine seasons from 1926-1934, winning two Southern Conference titles in 1926 and 1932….Robert Neyland.

Coaching History Team Years
Head Coach Tennessee Volunteers 1936-1940
Head Coach Tennessee Volunteers 1926-1934
Assistant Coach Tennessee Volunteers 1995-1999

How many fans does Neyland hold?

Neyland Stadium/Capacity

How many national championships did general Neyland win?

four national championships
Neyland’s teams eventually won four national championships and compiled an overall record of 173 wins, 31 losses, and 12 ties. During World War II, Neyland left his coaching duties and returned to active service, eventually earning a promotion to brigadier general.

How did Neyland Stadium get its name?

The stadium is named for Robert Neyland, who served three stints as head football coach at the University of Tennessee between 1926 and 1952.

Is Neyland at full capacity?

19, 2019. Tennessee football is following in the rest of the world’s footsteps in an attempt to return to normalcy following the COVID-19 pandemic. After a frustrating 2020 season at quarter capacity – around 25,750 people – Neyland Stadium will be returning to its full strength of 102,455 on Sept.

Did Bear Bryant ever beat Neyland?

Bear Bryant never beat General Robert Neyland. In head to head match-ups Neyland won 5; lost 0 and there were 2 ties (including a 0-0 tie).

Who has beaten Alabama the most?

Alabama’s highest win percentage is against Kentucky which comes in at a blistering 94.9%….Alabama’s all-time record against every SEC school.

Opponent Record Win %
Kentucky 36-2-1 94.9%
Ole Miss 47-10-2 81.4%
Mississippi State 77-18-3 80.1%
Vanderbilt 58-19-4 74.1%

Where did Robert Neyland go to high school?

Neyland attended Burleson Junior College in his home town of Greenville, Texas for a year and then transferred to Texas A&M playing football a year before receiving an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, where he starred as a football lineman and baseball pitcher and was the academy boxing champion.

Who are the siblings of General Robert Neyland?

General Neyland was the son of lawyer Robert Reece Neyland, Sr. (October 1859 – 1935) and Pauline Lewis Neyland (January 1861 – December 1932). His siblings were sister Carroll M. Neyland (January 1890 – 1965) and brother Mayo W. Neyland (March 1896 – November 1969).

When did Robert Neyland Coach at the University of Tennessee?

He served three stints as the head football coach at the University of Tennessee (UT) from 1926 to 1934, 1936 to 1940, and 1946 to 1952. He is one of two college football coaches to have won national titles in two non-consecutive tenures at the same school, along with Frank Leahy of the University of Notre Dame.

What did Robert Neyland do in World War 2?

In World War II, Neyland served in the China-Burma-India Theater, supervising the transportation of material through monsoons and across the Himalayas to the troops commanded by General “Vinegar” Joe Stillwell.