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Where is Cynthia Lord from?

Where is Cynthia Lord from?

New Hampshire, United States
Cynthia Lord/Place of birth

Why is Cynthia Lord well known?

Cynthia is the author of the Shelter Pet Squad series and an avid animal lover. Read on to hear about how she became a writer, why animals inspire her, and why she says her spirit animal is a loon.

Where did Cynthia Lord grow up?

rural New Hampshire
I grew up in rural New Hampshire beside a lake. We ice skated in the winter and spent most of the summers swimming and cannonballing off the dock into the water.

Where does Cynthia Lord live now?

Lord says that some of her best work comes from the days that she does not feel especially inspired. She lives in Brunswick, Maine.

What day was Cynthia Lord?

Cynthia Lord/Born

What was Cynthia Lord first book?

Cynthia Lord is a former elementary and middle school teacher whose debut novel, Rules, won a 2007 Newbery Honor. Cindy begins her school presentation by showing a story she wrote at the age of six. “No one would read this and say, ‘Now there’s a future Newbery Honor author, would they?’

How many books has Cynthia Lord?

Book List in Order:17 titles.

What is the summary of the book Rules?

Rules is the story of a twelve-year-old girl named Catherine, who is torn between caring for her autistic brother David and finding her own place in life. Catherine’s day-to-day life during one summer vacation is usually occupied by caring for David and trying her best to keep him out of trouble.

Which is the best book by Cynthia Lord?

Cynthia Lord’s Mercury’s Fallis the most worthy of the prose pieces. Carver-esque in style, it reveals a world of gloom, despondency and futility, but strikes a chord within us all. Thomas Ford could so easily be you or I, living out a totally useless life. YIKES!

Where did Cynthia Lord live most of her life?

Early life. Lord was born in Massachusetts and grew up in New Hampshire. In college, Lord had some short stories published, and won a contest with one. After college, Lord got married and became a teacher. As her children grew up, she returned to writing fiction.

Who are the characters in the book rules by Cynthia Lord?

Lord lives in an old house with her husband, John, and her children, Julia and Gregory. Gregory has autism. David in the book she wrote, Rules, was inspired by Gregory, Ms. Lord’s son. Lord says that some of her best work comes from the days that she does not feel especially inspired.

What did Cynthia Lord sing about warbling fruit?

Tra-la-la-la-la DING, DING!” OK, so I wasn’t exactly headed for the Grammy awards. . . . My parents not only suffered through my songs about warbling fruit, they were generally quite tolerant of my other forays into art, music, and literature.