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What type of triangle is 115 degrees?

What type of triangle is 115 degrees?

Isosceles Triangle
Isosceles Triangle degrees 115, 32.5, 32.5 | ClipArt ETC.

What type of angle is a 115 degree angle?

obtuse angle
acute angle-an angle between 0 and 90 degrees. right angle-an 90 degree angle. obtuse angle-an angle between 90 and 180 degrees.

What triangle measures 30 degrees?

right triangle
In a right triangle, the hypotenuse is 12 cm, and the smaller angle is 30 degrees. Find the length of the long and short leg.

What is a 100 degree angle called?

An obtuse angle is a type of angle whose degree measurement is more than 90° but less than 180°. Examples of obtuse angles are: 100°, 120°, 140°, 160°, 170°, etc. ∠ PQR is an obtuse angle because it’s less than 180° and greater than 90°.

Which triangle is a 30-60-90 triangle?

special right triangle
The 30-60-90 triangle is called a special right triangle as the angles of this triangle are in a unique ratio of 1:2:3. Here, a right triangle means being any triangle that contains a 90° angle. A 30-60-90 triangle is a special right triangle that always has angles of measure 30°, 60°, and 90°.

What is the shortest side of a 30-60-90 triangle?

And so on. The side opposite the 30° angle is always the smallest, because 30 degrees is the smallest angle. The side opposite the 60° angle will be the middle length, because 60 degrees is the mid-sized degree angle in this triangle.

How do you find a 30 degree angle without a protractor?

In the exam you will have a ruler and a pair of compasses, which you can use to construct a 60 degree angle by drawing two arcs. You can then draw two more arcs to bisect that 60 degree angle and make a 30 degree angle.

What is the shortest side of a 30 60 90 Triangle?

Which is the correct way to construct a 45 angle?

45 Degree Angle

  1. Construct a perpendicular line.
  2. Place compass on intersection point.
  3. Adjust compass width to reach start point.
  4. Draw an arc that intersects perpendicular line.
  5. Place ruler on start point and where arc intersects perpendicular line.
  6. Draw 45 Degree Line.

How big is the gamma angle in a triangle?

In triangle ABC, the magnitude of the internal angle gamma is equal to one-third of the angle alpha. The size of the angle beta is 80 degrees larger than the size of the gamma angle.

What are the different types of triangles based on their angles?

Six Types of Triangles Based on their Sides Based on their Angles Scalene Triangle Acute Triangle Isosceles Triangle Obtuse Triangle Equilateral Triangle Right Triangle

What are the angles of the triangle ABC?

The angles of the triangle ABC are alpha = 35°, beta = 48°. Determine the magnitudes of all angles of triangle A’B’C ‘.

Which is the longest edge of a right triangle?

A right triangle is a triangle in which one of the angles is 90°, and is denoted by two line segments forming a square at the vertex constituting the right angle. The longest edge of a right triangle, which is the edge opposite the right angle, is called the hypotenuse.