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What products does Albania import?

What products does Albania import?

Economy of Albania

Imports $4.21 billion (2017 est.)
Import goods machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, textiles, chemicals
Main import partners Italy 28.2% Greece 11.9% China 11.1% Turkey 9.04% Germany 5.34% Serbia 2.94% Spain 2% Romania 1.98% Russia 1.83% Hungary 1.82% (2019)

What does Albania import and export?

Albania Raw materials exports are worth US$ 152 million, product share of 5.29%. Albania Raw materials imports are worth US$ 211 million, product share of 3.55%. Albania Intermediate goods exports are worth US$ 349 million, product share of 12.13%.

What is the main exports of Albania?

Exports The top exports of Albania are Leather Footwear ($352M), Footwear Parts ($230M), Crude Petroleum ($189M), Ferroalloys ($129M), and Non-Knit Men’s Suits ($116M), exporting mostly to Italy ($1.21B), Spain ($216M), Germany ($161M), Greece ($143M), and France ($95.1M).

What products are made in Albania?

Albanian artisans are found throughout the country and they are known for their products made of wood, metals, copper, leather, wool, gold, and silver. They produce ornaments, jewelry, pottery, musical instruments, carpets, rugs, and filigree.

Is Albania poorer than India?

make 42.4% less money. Albania has a GDP per capita of $12,500 as of 2017, while in India, the GDP per capita is $7,200 as of 2017.

Is Albania poorer than Romania?

make 49.2% less money. Romania has a GDP per capita of $24,600 as of 2017, while in Albania, the GDP per capita is $12,500 as of 2017.

What race are Albanian?

The Albanians (/ælˈbɛɪniənz/; Albanian: Shqiptarët, pronounced [ʃcipˈtaɾət]) are an ethnic group native to the Balkan Peninsula and are identified by a common Albanian ancestry, culture, history and language.

What is the poorest EU country?

Moldova officially called the Republic of Moldova is the poorest country in Europe with its GDP per capita of just $3,300. Moldova shares its border with Romania and Ukraine.

Is Albania the poorest country in Europe?

Albania, located on the Mediterranean Sea across from southern Italy, is one of the poorest countries in Europe. The country’s transition from a communist regime to a free market in a democratic republic has disrupted economic growth and has caused high levels of poverty.