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What is Zayn afraid of?

What is Zayn afraid of?

Everyone has certain scares, and so does Zayn. The former One Direction star has aquaphobia, which means he is afraid of open waters and can’t swim, while he is also super scared of height.

How can I contact Zayn?

zayn on Twitter: “+1 (323)-991-ZAYN”

Who is Zayn Maliks favorite singer?

Zayn Malik Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Affairs & More

Favorite Band NSYNC
Favorite Song Thriller by Michael Jackson
Favorite Artists Niall, Chris Brown
Favorite Animal Lion

Who has more fans Zayn or Harry?

In terms of their followers, Harry also comes in just ahead of Zayn, with 35.2 million followers compared to his 29.2 million. He has 11.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, which dwarfs Harry Styles’ 7.25 million, though it’s still a very respectable number.

What is Zayn famous for?

Who Is Zayn Malik? Zayn Malik had an early love for singing and performing, and at the age of 17, he appeared on the competition series The X Factor. He was teamed with four other male contestants to form the group act One Direction, which went on to become one of the most popular boy bands in music history.

Who is Zayn Malik’s Manager 2020?

Sarah Stennett
LONDON (VIP NEWS) — Zayn Malik has signed a deal with Turn First Artists, where he`ll be managed by Sarah Stennett, who has also guided the career of Iggy Azalea. Malik was previously part of the Modest! Management family as a member of One Direction, but turned to Turn First to help launch his solo career.

Who are Harry Styles favorite artists?

He also loves ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ by Pink Floyd. Harry once said his ultimate 1D tour bus anthem is ‘Lego House’ by Ed Sheeran. 32) Harry’s musical heroes are Elvis, Coldplay and The Beatles.

Who is the most handsome man in one direction?

Styles has the most handsome eyes and his chin is even closer to perfect status. LOS ANGELES: One Direction star Harry Styles is one of the most handsome looking people on the planet, science has confirmed.

Who is Zayn Malik crush?

The former One Directioner revealed his celebrity crush in a new interview with Glamour, and we just can’t believe it! “Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.