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What is undesirable effect?

What is undesirable effect?

An “undesirable effect” is an adverse effect on human health that occurs from the normal or reasonably foreseeable use of a cosmetic product. Undesirable effects do not include, for example, those resulting from abuse or misuse of the product and those related to associated items, such as the packaging.

Why is aliasing an undesirable effect?

Aliasing is an undesirable effect that is seen in sampled systems. When the input frequency is greater than half the sample frequency, the sampled points do not adequately represent the input signal. Inputs at these higher frequencies are observed at a lower, aliased frequency.

What are the effects of aliasing?

In video or cinematography, temporal aliasing results from the limited frame rate, and causes the wagon-wheel effect, whereby a spoked wheel appears to rotate too slowly or even backwards. Aliasing has changed its apparent frequency of rotation. A reversal of direction can be described as a negative frequency.

What does desirable and undesirable mean?

not desirable or attractive; objectionable: undesirable qualities.

What does undesirable person mean?

1. undesirable – one whose presence is undesirable; “rounding up vagrants and drunks and other undesirables” unwelcome person, persona non grata – a person who for some reason is not wanted or welcome.

What are the undesirable effects of friction?

What are the negative effects of friction?

  • The biggest disadvantage of friction is wear and tear that happens as a result of friction.
  • Friction causes wear and tear in machinery parts and also cause wastage of electricity and energy.
  • Friction causes moving objects to stop or slow down.

Why is Nyquist theorem important?

This theorem was the key to digitizing the analog signal. Nyquist’s work states that an analog signal waveform can be converted into digital by sampling the analog signal at equal time intervals. Even today as we digitize analog signals, Nyquist’s theorem is used to get the job done.

What is aperture effect?

As aperture changes in size, it alters the overall amount of light that reaches your camera sensor – and therefore the brightness of your image. A large aperture (a wide opening) will pass a lot of light, resulting in a brighter photograph. A small aperture does just the opposite, making a photo darker.

What is called undesirable?

: bad, harmful, or unpleasant : not worth having or getting : not desirable. See the full definition for undesirable in the English Language Learners Dictionary. undesirable. adjective. un·​de·​sir·​able | \ ˌən-di-ˈzī-rə-bəl \

What is undesirable change?

Undesirable change: Those changes which we do not want to take place are called undesirable changes. Examples: rusting of iron, souring of milk, rottening of fruits etc.

What is undesirable Behaviour?

Undesirable behavior is any kind of behavior that annoys you so much that it becomes a problem. Not everyone is troubled by a particular type of behavior. It only becomes a problem if the two parties concerned are unable to resolve the matter. The University has regulations for undesirable behavior.

Is the Ude an undesirable effect or fact?

An UDE is a fact or an entity from reality that explains why it is so difficult to achieve the higher level of performance measurements. When there is a gap in performance it is a signal to search for UDEs. The UDE is an ‘effect’ and its existence is indisputable.

Which is an example of an undesirable effect?

The UDE is an ‘effect’ and its existence is indisputable. It is ’undesirable’ because it endangers/reduces/prohibits achieving a valid need, objective or the goal of a system. 1. UDE wording consists of a short, simple sentence – it cannot contain a cause-effect relationship. 2.

What should be included in section 4.8 undesirable effects?

Section 4.8: Undesirable effects Section index This section should include all adverse reactions from clinical trials, post – authorisation safety studies and spontaneous reporting for which, after thorough assessment

Are there any undesirable effects of GCSF?

distress syndrome (ARDS) which may be fatal (see section 4.4). 4.4 Special warnings and precautions for use Rare pulmonary undesirable effects, in particular interstitial pneumonia, have been reported after GCSF administration. Patients with a recent history of pulmonary infiltrates or pneumonia may be at higher risk.