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What is the profession of Gieve Patel?

What is the profession of Gieve Patel?

PainterVisual Artist
Gieve Patel/Professions
Gieve Patel (born 18 August 1940) is an Indian poet, playwright, painter, as well as a practising physician.

Is gieve Patel a Parsi?

He also wrote three plays — Princes (1968), Savaksa (1981), and Mister Behram (1988) — that reflect his Parsi roots. And his oil and acrylic artworks have been exhibited in the Menton Biemale, France (1976), and Royal Academy, London (1982), among other places.

Where is gieve Patel from?

Mumbai, India
Gieve Patel/Place of birth

When was Patel born?

August 18, 1940 (age 81 years)
Gieve Patel/Date of birth

Which Indian poet has an important role in green movement?

Sugathakumari played a key role in the Save Silent Valley Movement, among the earliest modern-day environmental movements in India, which began in 1978 and ended in 1983 when then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared abandoning the controversial hydroelectric power project which might have ruined precious forests in …

What does the old woman in the poem an old woman want from the narrator?

An Old Woman Summary in English. An old woman clutches a tourist’s sleeve and tags along with him. She wants a ‘fifty paise coin’. For this, she offers to show him ‘the horseshoe shrine’.

Who is the Sundari in the poem Homecoming?

He identifies his childhood friend Sundari, an agile girl climbing tamarind trees. She is forty years now; the poet senses the lack of emotions towards her at this juncture. The memory of her is fresh, but they can no longer relate or communicate with each other as time has changed everything over the years.

Who is the central figure in the poem?

Answer: As in prose, the protagonist is the main character of the poem, though not necessarily the hero, and the antagonist is the protagonist’s opponent. Certain poems, such as long epic poems, may also have secondary characters whose actions are in opposition to the protagonist’s actions.

Why is Earth said to be an ailing planet Class 11?

Ans. Due to the insensitive exploitation by humans for their survival and development, the earth has lost almost all its vital resources. With drying rivers, depleted and polluted environment and deteriorated forests and greenery, the earth is now breathing hard for its survival and thus it is an ailing planet.