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What is the literal meaning of remission?

What is the literal meaning of remission?

pardon; forgiveness, as of sins or offenses.

What does remission mean in the Bible?

Definitions of remission of sin. the act of absolving or remitting; formal redemption as pronounced by a priest in the sacrament of penance. synonyms: absolution, remission, remittal. types: indulgence.

Where did the word remit come from?

The verb remit comes directly from Latin remittere “to send back, go back, return, release, let go,….” (The many Latin senses of remittere cover four and a half columns in the Oxford Latin Dictionary).

What is the verb for remission?

To forgive, pardon. To refrain from exacting or enforcing.

How long are you in remission for?

Remission can be partial or complete. In a complete remission, all signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared. If you remain in complete remission for 5 years or more, some doctors may say that you are cured. Still, some cancer cells can remain in your body for many years after treatment.

Whats the opposite of remission?

What is a recurrence? A recurrence is when cancer returns after a disease-free period. It is very common among survivors, who have had successful treatment of their cancer, to be worried about cancer returning.

What’s the difference between remission and forgiveness?

It seems some are trying to confer different meanings to two words that mean the same thing. Remission/forgiveness is to lay aside or to release from the guilt. Unless someone can point something out in scripture indicating an error on my part, the words mean the same thing.

What does remit mean in law?

law. (esp of an appeal court) to send back (a case or proceeding) to an inferior court for further consideration or action. 3. to cancel or refrain from exacting (a penalty or punishment)

What does remit name mean?

If you send your client a bill for your consulting services, be sure to include your address so he knows where to remit the payment. Remit means send back, and it has many uses. If you remit payment, you send it back to the person you owe it to.

Is Remissed a word?

negligent, careless, or slow in performing one’s duty, business, etc.: He’s terribly remiss in his work. characterized by negligence or carelessness.

What is the opposite of remission?

A recurrence is when cancer returns after a disease-free period. It is very common among survivors, who have had successful treatment of their cancer, to be worried about cancer returning.

Do you ever fully recover from chemotherapy?

Some side effects of chemotherapy only happen while you’re having treatment and disappear quickly after it’s over. But others can linger for months or years or may never completely go away.

What is the medical definition of ” remission “?

Medical Definition of remission : a state or period during which the symptoms of a disease are abated cancer in remission after treatment — compare arrest , cure entry 1 sense 1 , intermission

How long has her cancer been in remission?

Her cancer has been in remission for several years. Want to learn more? Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. Learn the words you need to communicate with confidence. He was given three months ‘ remission for good behaviour. He believes that redemption is based on remission of sins.

What’s the difference between complete and partial remission?

A disappearance of a disease as a result of treatment. Complete remission means that all disease is gone. Partial remission means that the disease is significantly improved by treatment, but residual traces of the disease are still present.

Are there any examples of Steed in remission?

Recent Examples on the Web Steed was treated at the University of Michigan and now, 20 years later, is in remission. — Janelle James, Detroit Free Press, 11 July 2021 By the 45th day, 53% of women on the pill were in remission, in contrast to 30% on the placebo.