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What is the difference between our generation dolls?

What is the difference between our generation dolls?

The biggest difference between the American Girl Doll brand and Our Generation brand is the price. Our Generation dolls are on average 1/4 of the price as American Girl dolls. You are definitely paying for the name when shopping American Girl. It does however hold its value a little more because of the brand name.

What company makes American Girl dolls?

Since 1998, American Girl has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel.

What is the string on American Girl dolls?

They each also have a neck cord (or zip tie in some cases) that secures her head to her body—a handmade detail that hearkens back to classic doll-making traditions. But this detail is more than a legacy; it keeps the head attached to the body, so be sure not to cut the cord.

Are American Girl dolls the same size as our generation dolls?

What’s really cool is American Girl (like our American Girl Gabby) and Our Generation Dolls and accessories are totally interchangeable. Since the dolls are all the same height (18 inches), and pretty much the same size, their clothes and shoes fit all of the dolls.

What is so special about Our Generation dolls?

What is this? Since the dolls are all the same height (18 inches), and pretty much the same size, their clothes and shoes fit all of the dolls. This makes dressing them and changing their clothes even more fun. Our Generation dolls make great dolls to see how your child will treat their doll and take care of it.

What size is Our Generation doll?

18-inches tall
Our Generation® dolls are 18-inches tall, making them comparable to American Girl® dolls.

How do I know if my American Girl doll is worth money?

What makes an American Girl doll worth a lot of money?

  1. The hair has not been cut.
  2. The face is unmarked.
  3. The eyes are intact.
  4. The doll still has the original, clean clothing.
  5. The doll comes in the original box.
  6. The doll has been retired.
  7. Paperwork is available that includes receipts and information cards.

Who is the founder of American Girl dolls?

American Girl was founded in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland, a retired teacher and writer. The doll company went from a catalog-only brand to an empire that includes retail stores with cafes and doll hospitals, a magazine, books, and a social media presence.

How big are American Girl dolls in inches?

Choosing the perfect gifts for girls, like an American Girl doll, gives you the chance to explore the worlds of 18-inch doll favorites like Samantha™, Julie™, Kit™, Rebecca™, Josefina™, Courtney™, and Kira™, the latest Girl of the Year™ —all dolls for ages 8+.

How many American Girl dolls have been sold?

Plus, they were almost all penned by author Valerie Tripp. Even cooler: Over 27 million American Girl dolls have been sold since 1986. 5 The hair is not human — even though it looks like it. Every American Girl doll’s locks are a wig made of high-quality Kanekalon sewn into a mesh wig cap, which is then glued onto the head.

What can you do with an American Girl doll?

The choice is yours with this selection of dolls that can be customized by hair, skin, and eye color—then the doll can truly become unique by adding outfits, accessories, and more to match your girl’s favorite activities and interests.