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What is the acronym of aviation?

What is the acronym of aviation?

Aviation abbreviations and acronyms

Acronym Meaning Source
ACARS Aircraft communication addressing and reporting system (pronounced ‘AY-CARS’) AIS
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System CAR 1988
ACC Area control centre AIS
ACCID Initial notification of an aircraft accident AIS

What is aircraft SRM?

Single-pilot resource management (SRM) is the art of managing all onboard and outside resources available to a pilot before and during a flight to help ensure a safe and successful outcome. Incorporating SRM into GA pilot training is an important step forward in aviation safety.

What does an stand for in aviation?

Abbreviation Term
A/C aircraft
A/D aerodrome
A/F autofeather
A/FD Airport/Facility Directory

What is an IPC catalog?

Definition. A key ancillary reference document specific to aircraft type which describes in comprehensive detail every component.

What does VDO stand for in aviation?

VDO stands for “Vereinigte DEUTA – OTA, English: United DEUTA – OTA.” In 1991, the company was acquired by Mannesmann.

What is OCTA in aviation?

OCTA: Outside controlled airspace. PRD: Includes: Prohibited areas – an airspace of defined dimensions, above the land areas or territorial waters of a State, within which the flight of aircraft is prohibited.

What is a Mel in aviation?

Best Practices. The Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is a document and method aircraft operators use to obtain relief from Federal Aviation Regulations requiring that all equipment installed on the aircraft be operative at the time of flight.

What are the 5 P’s in aviation?

One practical application is called the “Five Ps (5 Ps).” [Figure 2-9] The 5 Ps consist of “the Plan, the Plane, the Pilot, the Passengers, and the Programming.” Each of these areas consists of a set of challenges and opportunities that every pilot encounters.

What does OTP mean in aviation?

Take on-time performance (OTP). In the airline business, one late aircraft early in the morning can lead to more than 70 delayed planes later in the day.

What is the importance of IPC in aviation?

The objectives of the IPC are to: Assess your knowledge of instrument flight (including subjects such as Federal Aviation Regulations, the Airman’s Information Manual, meteorology, flight planning, aircraft performance, aircraft navigation systems, and emergency procedures.

What is Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue?

Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue means the manual containing information for the identification and requisition of Aircraft replaceable parts and units, as amended from time to time by Bombardier.

Is VDO Siemens?

In 2000, the company was acquired by Siemens and re-branded as Siemens VDO.

What does IPC stand for in medical category?

IPC stands for Intermittent Positive Control (aviation) Suggest new definition. This definition appears somewhat frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Military and Government. Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

What should a pilot have for an IPC?

Pilots planning an IPC should have current FAR/AIM, enroute charts and instrument approach book and Airport Facilities Directory appropriate for South Florida. Also pilots should have the POH for the aircraft to be used and be familiar with its contents and the equipment in the plane.

How much time do you need for an IPC?

An IPC is a comprehensive evaluation that follows the Practical Test Standards (PTS) for the Instrument rating. An IPC that goes well will probably require 2-to-3 hours of airplane/simulator time, and several hours of ground instruction.

When do you need an IPC for an instrument approach?

If flying 1 instrument approach creates a cumulative sum of 6 logged approaches in the past 6 calendar months, that’s all you need to fly. You do not need to fly all 6 approaches during your grace period to regain currency if you’ve logged approaches in the past 6 months.