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What is Rick Owen known for?

What is Rick Owen known for?

Rick Owens is an American-born, Paris-based designer whose groundbreaking collections have earned him the nickname The Lord of Darkness. Influencing countless designers, his gothic… Owens’ breaks into menswear. He becomes known for his twist on classic silhouettes and of course as much black as you can muster.

Who made Rick Owens popular?

10. Rick Owens’s work eventually came to the attention of Anna Wintour at American Vogue, who was so impressed that she arranged for the magazine to sponsor his first show at New York Fashion Week, for spring/summer 2002.

Does Rick Owens have a wife?

Michèle Lamym. 2006
Rick Owens/Wife

Model, fashion designer, performer, and artist Michèle Lamy is both Owens’ wife and muse.

How would you describe Rick Owens?

Rick Owens is an American-born designer living in Paris, known for his abstract, yet approachable avant-garde designs. Born Richard Saturnino Owens, he began his label in California in 1994 and now oversees a veritable fashion empire from a five-story compound in Paris.

Why are Rick Owens so expensive?

Most designs use multiple pieces of leather and patterns, which adds complexity to production processes and materials sourcing. They are extremely durable. They are made to last years in your wardrobe, so we believe they are an investment worth making.

Who is Rick’s wife?

Rick Owen’s wife, muse, creative collaborator and business partner, Michèle Lamy is revered as one of the fashion industry’s true eccentrics.

What is Rick Owens inspired by?

Owens was so fascinated by Thayaht, the multifaceted tightrope walker of Arts and Crafts, that he became an enthusiastic collector, taking inspiration from him both for his projects of functional and rationalist suits, as well as in his drawings that summarize and allude to Thayaht’s bronze, plaster, terracotta or …

What style is Rick Owens?

Richard Saturnino Owens, better known as Rick Owens, has turned his darkly glamorous, post-apocalyptic take on gothic grunge into a globally-renowned fashion business, built largely around his signature leather jackets.

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