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What is Record Group in Oracle Forms?

What is Record Group in Oracle Forms?

A record group is an oracle forms data structure that has a column/row framework similar to a database table. There are three types of record groups: query record groups, non-query record groups, and static record groups. Query record group. A query record group is a record group that has an associated SELECT statement …

What is a record SAA?

SAA 1979, 192RECORD. A discrete item of information (or data element) in a specified arrangement that is treated as a unit and refers to one person, place, or thing. It has been designed to accommodate any kind of information or data about collections that archivists care to record.

What is record group in PeopleSoft?

A Record Group is a group of related records, keyed by SetID, which define the valid values for one or more fields in PeopleSoft. Related values are keyed with/under a single Record Group. For example, Record Group FS_02 defines edit tables related to Calendars.

What is a record series in archives?

A series is a group of records arranged according to a filing system or kept together because they relate to a particular subject or function, result from the same activity, document a specific kind of transaction, take a particular physical form, or have some other relationship arising out of their creation, receipt.

What is the difference between a record group and a database table?

A record in a database is an object that can contain one or more values. Groups of records are then saved in a table; the table defines the data that each record may contain. In a given database, there are multiple tables, each containing multiple records. Think of the rows and columns of a typical spreadsheet.

How do I create a dynamic group record in Oracle Forms?

Compile the form. Run the form. Click on the button, the code in the trigger WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED is executed, at runtime Record Group is created and the LOV is displayed….Record Groups can be created in three types.

  1. Based on select statement.
  2. Based on static values.
  3. Created through code dynamically.

What are the forms of records?

Types of records

  • Correspondence records. Correspondence records may be created inside the office or may be received from outside the office.
  • Accounting records. The records relating to financial transactions are known as financial records.
  • Legal records.
  • Personnel records.
  • Progress records.
  • Miscellaneous records.

What is TableSet control in Peoplesoft?

TableSet Controls. TableSet controls associate business units with record groups and setIDs. Each business unit has its own TableSet control, which is stored on the TableSet Record Group Control table. You can associate a setID for each individual record group to a business unit.

What is TableSet sharing in Peoplesoft?

Tablesets. Tableset IDs enable you to share data that would normally be limited to a lower-level academic institution or business unit. Business Unit. A business unit is an operational subset of an organization.

What is retention period of records?

The retention period specified in column 3, in the case of a file, is to be reckoned from the year in which the file is closed (i.e. action thereon has been completed) and not necessarily from the year in which it is recorded.

What are inventory records?

Inventory Record System, as the name suggests is one that is concerned with keeping a track of physical quantities and the complete monetary valuation inventories sold and in hand. It helps you in recording the goods as and when it reaches the warehouse or godown, and also when it is issued for the purpose of sale.

Which is an example of a record group?

A few record groups combine the records of several small or short-lived agencies having an administrative or functional relationship with each other. An example of this type of record group is Record Group 76, Records of Boundary and Claims Commissions and Arbitrations.

How are records organized in the National Archives?

The number assigned to a record group reflects the order in which it was established by the National Archives. Within a record group, the records of a government agency are organized into series.

What is record in database terms?

In relational databases, a record is a group of related data held within the same structure. More specifically, a record is a grouping of fields within a table that reference one particular object. The term record is frequently used synonymously with row.

Which is the best definition of a record series?

Record series are units of files or documents arranged according to a filing system or kept together because they: Relate to a particular subject or function. Result from the same activity.