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What is Louis Jolliet known for?

What is Louis Jolliet known for?

The first significant Canadian-born explorer, Louis Jolliet achieved international fame in his lifetime as the first non-Aboriginal person, together with Jacques Marquette, to travel and map the Mississippi River.

Why did Louis Jolliet explore?

In 1673, Joliet embarked on a privately-sponsored expedition with Jacques Marquette, a missionary and linguist, to be among the first Europeans to explore what was called by Native Americans the “Mesipi” river and ascertain where it led to, with hopes of finding a passage to Asia.

What lands did Louis Jolliet discover?

Louis Joliet’s legacy is the strongest in the area of Quebec City, Great Lakes, Chicago, and Mississippi Rivers, where many public objects and locations carry his name….Louis Joliet – Famous Canadian Explorer.

Name Louis Jolliet
Known For Discoveries in North America
Famous Expedition(s) Explore and map much of the state Mississippi

Where is Louis Jolliet from?

Quebec City, Canada
Louis Jolliet/Place of birth

Who sent Louis Jolliet?

In 1672 he was commissioned by the governor of New France to explore the Mississippi, and he was joined by Marquette. On May 17, 1673, the party set out in two birchbark canoes from Michilimackinac (St. Ignace, Mich.)

What is Louis Jolliet cultural heritage?

Early life. Jolliet was born in 1645 in Beaupré, a French settlement near Quebec City to parents Jean Jolliet and Marie D’Abancourt. When he was six years old, his father died; his mother then married a successful merchant named Geoffroy Guillot dit Lavalle until his death in 1665.

Did Louis Jolliet ever get married?

In 1675, Louis Jolliet returned to an apparently more sedentary life. He married Claire-Françoise Bissot , played the organ in the cathedral at Quebec, and became an influential personality in the colony. The truth was, however, that his interest in the fur trade had not diminished.

What did Louis Jolliet famous for?

Louis Jolliet. Louis Jolliet (1645-1700) was a Canadian explorer, musician, hydrographer, fur trader, and teacher. The most famous exploit in the career of this multifaceted man was the exploration of the Mississippi River in 1673.

What did Louis Jolliet find on his exploration?

Louis Jolliet (sometimes spelled Joliet) and Jacques Marquette are credited with the (European) discovery of the Mississippi River. Jacques Marquette (also known as Father Marquette) was a Catholic missionary and explorer. He was born in Laon, France. In 1666 he came to Québec, Canada and learned Indian languages.

Is Louis Jolliet Spanish or French?

Louis Jolliet (September 21, 1645 – after May 1700) was a French-Canadian explorer known for his discoveries in North America. In 1673, Jolliet and Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette, a Catholic priest and missionary, were the first non-Natives to explore and map the Mississippi River .