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What is English EPS?

What is English EPS?

(US also eps) abbreviation for earnings per share.

Is Polaris French?

Polaris starts out as a mash-up between the French and Russian revolutions, with the Basstille and the Empress and Danton filling in the French roles, and Ivan, Bearyshnakov, and Kamensky bringing in the Russian side.

What is PSE in French?

PSE → placement sous surveillance électronique.

What is Pshe in French?

[ˌpiːɛseɪtʃˈiː] noun abbreviation. (Britain) (Education) (= personal, social and health education) cours d’éducation personnelle, sanitaire et sociale préparant à la vie adulte.

What does ESP mean in French?

noun. Perception extra-sensorielle.

What is full form of EPS in French?

[əpeɛs ] abbreviated feminine noun. (= Éducation physique et sportive) PE.

What does Polaris mean in French?

polaris {noun} volume_up. 1. astronomy. étoile polaire {f} polaris (also: North Star, Pole Star, lodestar, pole star, polar star)

What does Polaris mean in English?

North Star
Polaris in American English (pouˈlɛərɪs, -ˈlær-, pə-) noun. Astronomy. the polestar or North Star, a star of the second magnitude situated close to the north pole of the heavens, in the constellation Ursa Minor: the outermost star in the handle of the Little Dipper.

What is science called in French?


From To Via
• science → sciences naturelles ↔ Naturwissenschaft
• science → science ↔ Wissenschaft
• science → -logie ↔ -kunde Weltkrieg, manche sind aber moderner als die griechisch-neulateinischen Ausdrücke (z. B. Amphibien- und Reptilienkunde statt Herpetologie).

What are subjects in French?

The subject is the noun or pronoun in a clause or sentence that performs the action of the verb. It is crucial to recognize the subject because French verbs are conjugated according to the number, person and gender of the subject noun or the subject pronoun. David lave la voiture. / David is washing the car.

What subject is SVT in French?

Haven’t come across this secondary school subject….English translation: Earth and Life Sciences.

French term or phrase: S.V.T.
English translation: Earth and Life Sciences
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What is the meaning of North Star?

: the star of the northern hemisphere toward which the axis of the earth points. — called also polestar.