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What is a Krone blade used for?

What is a Krone blade used for?

A punch down tool, also referred to as krone tool, is a small but primary tool for network technicians to install wiring for telephone, computer and various audio networks.

How does a punchdown tool work?

Punch down tool is commonly used for the termination works in the copper network. It is used to terminate the Ethernet cables (Cat5/5e/6/6a) by inserting the cables wires into the insulation-displacement connectors (IDC) on the punch down blocks, patch panels, keystone modules, and the surface mount of boxes.

What is Krone punch down tool?

Punch down tool (also known as punch down tool or krone tool) is used by electricians or communication technicians to assist in inserting wires into insulation displacement connectors on patch panels, keystone modules or punch down blocks.

What is the difference between a 66 block and a 110 block?

A: 66 blocks were used for most telephone connections in the United States until about ten years ago when they were supplanted by 110 blocks. 110 blocks are smaller and provide a broader frequency bandwidth (100 MHz versus 16 MHz) than 66 blocks.

What is Krone blade?

Specifically designed for use on Krone blocks and network infrastructure. Built-in swing-out combination hook and spudger conveniently help manipulate wire and small components. A panel sensor detects the presence of a Krone punchdown panel, allowing the mechanism to seat and cut the wire.

What is a 110 block used for?

A 110 block is a type of punch-down block used to terminate runs of on-premises wiring in a structured cabling system.

Why do they call it a 66 block?

The term 66 block reflects its Western Electric model number. The 25-pair standard non-split 66 block contains 50 rows; each row has four (M) or six (B) columns of clips that are electrically bonded. Smaller versions also exist with fewer rows for smaller-scale use, such as residential.

What is the main reason to use 110 blocks?

Advantages. 110 style blocks allow a much higher density of terminations in a given space than older style termination blocks (66 style or wire wrap) because of their stacking capability. Some 110 blocks meet specifications for higher bandwidth data protocols such as Category 5 and higher.

What is a 110 blade?

The Punchdown Tool Blade (110 type) lets you terminate cable in a variety of cross-connect panels, blocks and keystone jacks. It is compatible with our Impact Punchdown Tool (VDV427-013). The blade is also compatible with other bayonet style (twist and lock) socket punchdown tools.

What can I use instead of a punch down tool?

Use a small, flat-head screwdriver as a common substitute for a punch down tool. When doing so it is vital that you do not break the already thin wire before it makes contact with the desired slot.