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What happened Alicia Sacramone?

What happened Alicia Sacramone?

Alicia Sacramone Quinn is a big name in the gymnastics scene. She was a member of the 2008 Olympic team that won a silver medal. In 2010, she returned to the sport after a brief retirement and earned the world vault title. She has now retired from the sport.

Where did Alicia Sacramone go to college?

Brown University
Alicia Sacramone/College

Did Alicia Sacramone go to the Olympics?

Alicia Marie Sacramone Quinn (/ˌsækrəˈmoʊni/; born December 3, 1987) is a retired American artistic gymnast. She won a silver medal with the United States team at the 2008 Summer Olympics….Alicia Sacramone.

Event Olympic Games
1st 0
2nd 1
3rd 0

When did Alicia Sacramone retire?

Alicia Sacramone/Career end

What vaults did Alicia Sacramone do?

Sacramone competed in the U.S. National Championships in August, performing only vault and balance beam. She placed first on vault (her fifth national title on that apparatus) and second on balance beam.

Why did Alicia Sacramone retire?

Alicia had hoped to comeback and compete in London after tearing her Achilles in 2011, but failed to make the team despite finishing second on both the vault and balance beam at the 2012 Trials. After Trials, the star unofficially retired via Twitter, saying, “I leave this sport with no regrets.”

Was Alicia Sacramone a victim of Larry Nassar?

Sacramone, who won 10 world championship medals and an Olympic silver in her career, did not have any contact with Nassar during her career, but decided after talking to a friend who had been abused by him that she wanted to help the victims.

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Who is the richest athlete net worth?

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Where does Alicia Sacramone live now?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Now: Sacramone married former Notre Dame and NFL quarterback Brady Quinn in 2014 and now goes by Alicia Quinn. Like Memmel, she is now a mother of two, having given birth to daughter Teagan in July. Her first daughter, Sloan, was born in 2016. The family lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Who has Valeri Liukin coach?

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