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What features made crocodile so adaptable to live on Earth for the longest time?

What features made crocodile so adaptable to live on Earth for the longest time?

Answer: crocodiles have extremely indiscriminate palates and so their digestive system has adopted to process anything they consume from crustaceans , mollusks and fishes to birds and mammals. The nostrils, eyes and ears lie along the top of the head.

What adaptations do crocodiles have to catch their prey?

The jaws and teeth of saltwater crocodiles are essential to the survival of the species. Adapted for grasping and crushing prey, crocodiles capture animals as large as buffalos. Equipped with 64 to 68, 3.5-inch-long teeth, few animals escape from the jaws of saltwater crocodiles.

How do crocodiles survive in the ocean?

“Because these crocodiles are poor swimmers, it is unlikely that they swim across vast tracts of ocean. But they can survive for long periods in salt-water without eating or drinking, so by only traveling when surface currents are favorable, they would be able to move long distances by sea.

What structural adaptation allows alligators to see underwater?

They have a “nictitating membrane” to protect their eyes so that they can see underwater. Alligators hear with ears that are located behind their eyes and are very sensitive to vibrations in the water.

Do crocodiles live on land?

Description. Crocodiles live in rivers, lakes and dams in parts of America, Asia, Africa and Australia. While crocodiles spend most of their time in water, they can come out and move around on the land. Crocodiles cannot breathe underwater: they breathe air, just like people.

How long can crocodiles go without eating?

Crocodile — 3 years Crocodiles preserve their energy by staying motionless, thus helping them to last for 3 years without food — after enjoying a good meal, that is.

Do crocodiles eat once a year?

In extreme situations, crocodiles appear to be able to shut down and live off their own tissue for a long period of time. But most crocs eat much more often than that. In fact, the average croc eats about 50 full meals a year. In fact, crocs will consume almost everything they encounter.

Can crocodiles stay in ocean?

Saltwater crocodiles have a huge range that extends from northern Australia to eastern India and South-east Asia. These huge reptiles are so well adapted to life in saltwater that they are able to spend days or even weeks at sea, drifting and swimming hundreds of kilometres and possibly hunting en route.

What are Dolphins adaptations?

Dolphins are aquatic mammals that have evolved from land animals to ocean animals. Physical adaptations include a blowhole located at the top of the body, which allows a dolphin to come up to the surface, easily take in air, and continue swimming. While asleep, half of a dolphin’s brain remains awake.

What are some adaptations of fish?

Many structures in fish are adaptations for their aquatic lifestyle….Adaptations for Water

  • Fish have gills that allow them to “breathe” oxygen in water.
  • Fish have a stream-lined body.
  • Most fish have several fins for swimming.
  • Fish have a system of muscles for movement.
  • Most fish have a swim bladder.

Why do crocodiles come on land?

Alligators and other crocodilians will go on land to feed on dead animal carcasses. They also may attempt to prey upon confined or tethered animals.

What are some of the adaptations of a crocodile?

Some adaptations of the crocodile include the ability to regulate its metabolism, its strong stomach, its armored body and its keen senses.

Why do crocodiles lay out in the Sun with their mouths open?

But their mouths act like built-in thermostats that let them control their body temperature, much like the way you can control the temperature in your house. To do this, crocodiles lay out in the sun with their mouths wide open. This is called gaping. It lets them keep their body temperature at a constant and comfortable temperature.

Is it true that crocodiles cannot control their body temperature?

True | False 2. Crocodiles are warm-blooded animals that cannot control their body temperature. True | False 3. Carnivores, such as crocodiles, hunt and eat other animals as the main part of its diet. True | False 4.

Why are crocodiles the most successful animals in the world?

The adaptations of crocodiles has made the crocodile on the world’s most amazing animals. To understand why reptiles were destined to be so successful, it is important to look at the structure of their eggs.