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What does spat mean slang?

What does spat mean slang?

1 chiefly dialectal : slap entry 2. 2 : a brief petty quarrel or angry outburst a lovers’ spat.

What is the meaning of paleontologist?

noun. a scientist who specializes in the study of life forms that existed in previous geologic periods, as represented by their fossils:The education program manager for the museum has worked as a paleontologist, digging up dinosaur bones in Wyoming.

Who is a chronologist?

noun A person who investigates dates of events and transactions; one skilled in chronology.

What is the definition of the word paleontology?

: a science dealing with the life of past geologic periods as known from fossil remains To many Americans, and nearly all young ones, paleontology can be summed up in one word: dinosaurs.—

What does it mean for a girl to spat?

You probably recognize the word spat from the phrase “lover’s spat,” which describes a minor squabble between a couple. The spat is usually over something as silly as which partner has to do the laundry, and the relationship usually recovers quickly, with no long-term harm done.

What is a spat animal?

The word spat refers to the spawn of an oyster or similar shellfish, young oysters collectively, or a single baby oyster.

What do you call someone who finds fossils?

Fossils provide evidence about life on Earth millions, or even billions, of years ago. They can be preserved remains of living things, such as bones or teeth. Scientists who study fossils are called paleontologists (Pay-lee-en-TOL-oh-jists).

What does a chronologist do?

a person versed in chronology.

What does Permineralization mean?

Permineralization is a process of fossilization in which mineral deposits form internal casts of organisms. Carried by water, these minerals fill the spaces within organic tissue.

Does spat mean fight?

The definition of spat is to fight over something petty or silly, or is the past tense of spit. A spat is defined as a silly fight or petty quarrel. A fight over who is taller is an example of a silly spat.

What qualities does a paleontologist need?

If you are considering becoming a paleontologist there are several skills and qualities that you must possess. First it is paramount that you have vast knowledge of computer modeling, data analysis and integration, digital mapping, remote sending, and Geographic Information Systems, (which is a locator system that utilizes satellites).

What are three types of jobs do paleontologist do?

you would probably be a Paleontology Professor at the university level.

  • Research Specialist – Research is the main component of most jobs in the paleontology field.
  • – There are a handful of museums across the nation that have large enough exhibits to necessitate a Paleontologist on staff.
  • What are the advantages of becoming a paleontologist?

    ” Paleontologists teach anatomy at many medical schools.”

  • “Fossils play an important role in oil discovery.”
  • ” Paleontology is a good ‘gateway drug’ to the other sciences.”
  • ” Paleontology is a good way to teach critical thinking skills.”
  • ” Paleontology is inherently interesting; it doesn’t need further justification.”
  • What are the skills for a paleontologist?

    Communication. Paleontologists must have both written and oral communication skills to excel in their careers.

  • Critical thinking. Paleontologists often uncover ancient remains and fossils that they must study and decipher.
  • Interpersonal. Paleontologists often work as a team or with other professionals in the field.