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What does intracellular mean in biology?

What does intracellular mean in biology?

: existing, occurring, or functioning within a cell intracellular parasites. Other Words from intracellular More Example Sentences Learn More About intracellular.

What is intracellular?

Intracellular: Within a cell. In contrast to extracellular, meaning outside a cell.

What is the meaning of intracellular process?

Intracellular refers to the inside region of cells and what you find there. Water and the material dissolved in it move freely through the membrane by osmosis, or the process that maintains the amount of water and pressure in the intracellular region, which a cell can control by moving ions outside.

What does intracellular in a sentence?

Intracellular sentence example. Increasing intracellular calcium can have many health benefits. Nephridia always paired, rarely (Pontobdella) forming a network communicating from segment to segment; lumen of nephridia always intracellular , funnels pervious or impervious.

What is difference between intercellular and intracellular?

As adjectives the difference between intercellular and intracellular. is that intercellular is located between, or connecting, cells while intracellular is inside or within a cell.

What are intracellular products?

Intracellular product is associated with cell growth, whereas extracellular product is secreted by the cells into the bioreactor effluent stream. Intracellular chemicals produced in microbial cultivations are usually energy or carbon storage compounds [30].

What is difference between intracellular and intercellular?

What is only found in intracellular fluid?

Intracellular fluid is the place where most of the fluid in the body is contained. This fluid is located within the cell membrane and contains water, electrolytes and proteins. Potassium, magnesium, and phosphate are the three most common electrolytes in the ICF.

What is the difference between intracellular and intercellular?

What is a synonym for intracellular?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for intracellular, like: extracellular, , cytosolic, ceramide, atpase, post-synaptic, chemotaxis, effector, NAADP, receptor and voltage-dependent.

How do you distinguish between intracellular and extracellular fluid?

The intracellular fluid is the fluid contained within cells. The extracellular fluid—the fluid outside the cells—is divided into that found within the blood and that found outside the blood; the latter fluid is known as the interstitial fluid.

Are intracellular products?

Intracellular chemicals produced in microbial cultivations are usually energy or carbon storage compounds [30]. They have diverse functions and properties which render them suitable for several industrial and specialty applications; examples include biopolymers [31] and bio-lubricants [32].

intracellular-fluid | definition: liquid contained inside the cell membranes (usually containing dissolved solutes) | synonyms: humor, liquid body substance, body fluid, humour, bodily fluid| antonyms: good humor, ill humor

What is the difference between intracellular and extracellular digestion?

Difference between Intracellular and Extracellular digestion. The process of Intracellular digestion takes place inside the cell while on the other hand the process of Extracellular digestion takes place outside the cell in the cavity of the alimentary canal .

What does intracellular space mean?

The intracellular compartment is the space within the organism’s cells; it is separated from the extracellular compartment by cell membranes. About two thirds of the total body water of humans is held in the cells, mostly in the cytosol, and the remainder is found in the extracellular compartment.

What are intracellular organelles?

Intracellular Organelles. A cell structure in which functions are carried out in order to ensure the cell’s survival.