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What are functional operational areas?

What are functional operational areas?

What Are Functional Areas? Functional areas are teams of employees who have similar skills and expertise. For example, a company’s sales department is a common functional area, and the staff in this area would all be focused on selling the company’s products.

What are the four functional areas in ethics?

The four elements necessary to quantify an organization’s ethics are a written code of ethics and standards; ethics training for executives, managers, and employees; availability for advice on ethical situations (i.e, advice lines or offices); and systems for confidential reporting.

What are key functional areas?

Key term. Functional area is a person, area or department which carries out a particular business function, for example, finance, sales or customer service.

What are the 7 areas of management?

The different functional areas are briefly stating here:

  • Production Management: Production is an important and specific part of the entire business.
  • Cost Management:
  • Accounting Management:
  • Financial Management:
  • Office Management:
  • Personnel Management:
  • Marketing Management:
  • Sales Management:

What are the functional ethics?

Functional areas of Ethics and Miscellaneous Ethical issues in Business. Ethics is primarily concerned with the ascertainment of good and bad, right and wrong, justice and injustice, moral and immoral virtue and voice of the behavior and action of individuals.

What are ethical issues in functional areas of business?

Ethical Issues in Business

  • Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace.
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace.
  • Whistleblowing or Social Media Rants.
  • Ethics in Accounting Practices.
  • Nondisclosure and Corporate Espionage.
  • Technology and Privacy Practices.

What are the functional areas of HR?

In short, human resource activities fall under the following five core functions: staffing, development, compensation, safety and health, and employee and labor relations. Within each of these core functions, HR conducts a wide variety of activities.