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Is pine bad for gerbils?

Is pine bad for gerbils?

Bad Bedding Options The following materials can be harmful to gerbils, and so we strongly advise against using them at all. Pine and cedar bedding – These are terrible options, as they cause respiratory problems in gerbils due to the fact that they break into tiny pieces and can be breathed in.

Are gerbils allergic to pine?

Gerbils’ nasal passages are easily irritated by aromatic oils produced in cedar shavings, or household air fresheners. Some are also allergic to pine. Using Aspen or paper-based bedding is much better for gerbils that have allergies. Another cause for sore gerbil noses is Staphylococci bacilli.

Is kiln dried pine safe for gerbils?

It’s kiln dried and gerbil safe. Just avoid knots and choose boards that don’t have any sticky resin channels. I’ve made perches out of white pine scraps. Two generations of gerbils have been sitting and chewing on them for over six years.

Is pine poisonous to hamsters?

Avoid soft woods, such as pine and yew. These can splinter and scratch the inside of your hamster’s mouth when chewed.

What bedding is not good for gerbils?

Cedar and Pine Wood Shavings Certain types of woods should not be used for gerbil bedding, as they contain toxic chemicals. In particular, steer clear of oily or highly aromatic wood, like cedar and pine. These woods contain compounds called phenols, which have been proven dangerous for small animals.

Can gerbils have too much bedding?

Gerbils need a lot of thick bedding so that they can satisfy their burrowing instincts, and create little sleeping places. In this case, not providing enough material for your gerbil to burrow in will make them unhappy, particularly if they can’t even make a hideaway to bolt into when they’re scared.

What wood is bad for gerbils?

You have to avoid giving your gerbil any pine wood to chew on. Pine contains different chemical compounds which aren’t suitable for gerbils or other animals. Turpentine, for example, is derived from pine. Pine essential oils are too.

What types of wood are safe for gerbils?

Safe Wood and Other Materials for Gerbils

  • Acacia.
  • Alderberry.
  • Ash (no seeds)
  • Aspen.
  • Bamboo.
  • Birch (white, grey, broadleaf, silver, common are safe. All others are unsafe)
  • Cercis (redbud or spicewood)
  • Chinese Dogwood.

Is plywood safe for gerbils?

Definitely don’t use plywood, the glue and ink used is toxic to small pets. Use pine wood, as it is most commonly used to build things for small animals.

Why are pine shavings bad?

These softwood shavings smell nice due to the volatile compounds (e.g. aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols) that are given off. Unfortunately these compounds have been implicated as a potential health risk, especially with regards to respiratory problems (asthma, inflammation, allergic responses) and changes in the liver.

Is solid pine OK for hamsters?

According to multiple studies , pine and cedar shavings are generally considered harmful to hamsters, and in large enough doses, can even trigger allergic reactions in humans. Tip: If you are confused between pine and cedar shavings (bad), and Aspen wood shavings (good), just remember: “A for Aspen, A for Another!

Why does my gerbil keep chewing on wood?

This natural behavior doesn’t stop when the gerbil is no longer in the wild. It’s your job to prevent your gerbil from chewing anything bad for it. Certain kinds of wood are poisonous, as are plastics. That’s because your gerbil will ingest some of what it chews on, either accidentally or on purpose. Why Do Gerbils Chew on Everything?

What kind of nuts do gerbils like to eat?

Gerbils can eat monkey nuts, brazil nuts, pistachios, pecans, macadamia nuts, and pine nuts. Raw peanuts have a broad range of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins like magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins.

What can I give my gerbil to chew on?

Plastic, if ingested, will make your gerbil sick. Also, pine and cedarwood contain oils that are poisonous to gerbils. Anything with print on it, such as newspaper and cereal boxes, is harmful due to the use of ink. 1 What Do Gerbils Chew On? 1.1 Why Do Gerbils Chew on Everything? 2 Are There Safe Things for Gerbils to Chew On?

What kind of wood do you use for gerbils?

Safe Wood and Other Materials for Gerbils Acacia Alderberry Ash (no seeds) Aspen Bamboo Birch (white, grey, broadleaf, silver, common are safe. Cercis (redbud or spicewood) Chinese Dogwood Chinese Gooseberry Dogwoods Elm Grape Hawthorn Hazelnut Horse Apple Kiwi Larch Limetree Longan Loquat Lychee Magnolia Manzanita Medlar Mulberry Oak Pecan