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Is Mountain High good for beginners?

Is Mountain High good for beginners?

Located just an hour drive outside of Los Angeles, Mt High is the perfect beginner resort for adults and kids alike. While there are plenty of other ski resorts in California, and even many here in Southern California itself, for a winter weekend away or a quick day trip, this is the place to visit.

Is Mountain High good for skiing?

Mountain High is a favorite for skiers and snowboarders from Southern California thanks to its convenient location and big mountain feel.

What mountain is Mountain High on?

Mountain High resort is a winter resort in the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County in California. Mountain High is one of the most-visited resorts in Southern California. The resort is located along State Route 2 west of Wrightwood, California….

Mountain High
Night skiing Yes (partial)

Is Mountain High East resort Open?

Hooray! Mountain High’s East & West Resorts are 100% open. Come discover incredible new terrain like the steeps of Sundance at East or Inferno Ridge at West. Both resorts are available with your single ticket and there are free shuttles traveling between East and West.

Is Mountain High kid friendly?

Mountain High North Resort, open Friday through Sunday during peak season, fills the niche as the family-friendly hangout, with 70 acres of beginner-to-intermediate terrain and the largest snow-tubing park in Southern California.

Do you need a lift ticket for bunny slope Mountain High?

All guests must have a valid lift ticket, season pass, or reservation to receive gated entry access to Mountain High’s base areas. To reduce wait times and congestion in the base areas, we offer direct-to-lift access for tickets purchased in advance.

Is Mountain High easy?

For those who have trouble driving mountain roads this is the easiest one to drive to in the socal area no switchbacks.

Does Mountain High have jumps?

Many fun terrain features can also be found and Mountain High offers everything from small, beginner-type jumps on Creekside to competitive-sized features on Pipeline. The West Resort has a young, energetic feel, but there’s more to it than just jibs and jumps.

How many lifts are at Mountain High?

The area consists of three separate mountains… Mountain High East, West, and North. It is usually the first resort to open for Southern California skiing and snowboarding each season and the only local area with night skiing seven nights-a-week….Mountain High Ski Area.

Number of Lifts 14
Double Chairs 5
Surface Lifts 3
Lift Capacity n/a

Can you play in the snow at Mountain High?

Spend Your Holiday In The Snow Mountain High is open daily through the holiday for skiing, snowboarding, tubing and snow play. Just 1.5 hours…

Where can I play in the snow near Wrightwood?

There are several areas to play in the snow In the Angeles National Forest near Wrightwood. Areas include Inspiration Point, Grassy Hollow Visitor Center, Peavine Campground, Apple Tree Campground, Arch Picnic Area, and Table Mountain Picnic Area (restrooms are available at these sites).