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How would you describe Miss Stephanie?

How would you describe Miss Stephanie?

Essentially, Stephanie Crawford is the type of person most people know not to listen to. They know that she is a gossip and that her information is either completely untrue or it is very exaggerated. She likes to over-dramatize situations and she likes the “Wow” factor she gets from people if she tells them something.

How does Miss Maudie describe Stephanie Crawford?

…she [Miss Maudie] did not go about the neighborhood doing good, as did Miss Stephanie Crawford. Miss Stephanie Crawford is the neighborhood gossip. She makes it a point to know as much as she can about everyone else’s business. And she will spread information (and unqualified rumors) as if it is her job.

Who is Miss Stephanie Crawford in the book To Kill a Mockingbird?

Miss Stephanie Crawford Stephanie Crawford is the neighborhood gossip and claims she saw Boo Radley from her bedroom standing outside her window one night. Crawford is one of the first on the scene after a loud gunshot is heard behind the Radley house. She is a friend of Alexandra Hancock.

Who is Miss Maudie describe her?

Miss Maudie is a parallel character to Atticus Finch. She is a moral, upstanding individual who does her best not to judge those around her. Even though she has an ‘acid tongue in her head,’ she uses it not only to explain the world around her, but to defend what’s good and just.

Why is Miss Stephanie the gossip?

As the town busybody, Miss Stephanie makes it her business to spread gossip, the meaner the better. She’s the Finch kids’ main source of rumors about Boo Radley, and takes as much delight in the ghoulish details as Jem does.

Why does Miss Maudie suggest Atticus was given the case?

Atticus was appointed because he would do his best to defend Tom and convince the jury of Tom’s innocence. Miss Maudie adds that she felt that Atticus still would not win the case; however, she thought to herself that Atticus is the only lawyer who could have kept a jury out so long.

What does Miss Stephanie Crawford symbolize?

What did Miss Maudie reveal to Jem?

Miss Maudie tells Jem that there are decent people in Maycomb that treated Tom Robinson the right way and stood up for him. She also says that Atticus was specifically chosen for this trial by Judge Taylor because he is the only lawyer in Maycomb that would gvive Tom Robinson as fair of a trial he could get.

What does Miss Stephanie think Scout will become when she grows up?

Miss Stephanie Crawford asks Scout if she wants to be a lawyer when she grows up, since she’s already taken to attending trials. So finally, Scout replies that she doesn’t want to be a lawyer, just a lady.

How is Miss Maudie trustworthy?

Miss Maudie is a true friend who listens, explains, and talks with Scout often. Miss Maudie also comforts Scout and keeps her secrets. Scout respects Miss Maudie: She had never told on us, had never played cat-and-mouse with us, she was not at all interested in our private lives.

Why is Miss Maudie a good role model?

Miss Maudie is a very good role model for the kids. She teaches them to be respectful of their neighbors (all of their neighbors), appreciate their father, and be brave. When her house burns down, she tells the children it is just stuff. Scout and Jem on several occasions.