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How old is Shaun Tan?

How old is Shaun Tan?

About 47 years (1974)
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Where was Shaun Tan born?

Perth, Australia
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Shaun Tan was born in 1974 and grew up in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. In school he became known as the ‘good drawer’ which partly compensated for always being the shortest kid in every class.

What nationality is Shaun?

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What is Shaun Tan famous for?

Shaun Tan (born 1974) is an Australian artist, writer and film maker. He won an Academy Award for The Lost Thing, a 2011 animated film adaptation of a 2000 picture book he wrote and illustrated. Other books he has written and illustrated include The Red Tree and The Arrival.

What inspires Shaun Tan?

He has been inspired from many themes and subjects some of which are; Filmmakers like Terry William, Stanley Kubrick, Tim Burton, Ridley Scott, Films such as Yellow Submarine and Yellow. He has also used many artists and illustrators as an inspiration for his works.

What nationality were Shaun Tan’s parents?

Their father, an ethnic Chinese immigrant from Malaysia (their mother is a native Australian of Irish and English heritage), is an architect who modeled for his sons the virtue of precise attention to detail. Shaun showed a talent for drawing at an early age and built an identity around it.

What techniques does Shaun Tan use?

Tan starts his paintings with thin layers of acrylic over white lines on a dark background, working from dark to light and continuing with oil for the final rendering. He also works in other media, including sctatchboard, pen and ink , pastel crayons, gouache and watercolor, collage, assemblage and digital media.

Does Shaun Tan illustrate his own books?

Who are Shaun tans family?

Inari Kiuru
Bing TanChristine Tang
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What is Shaun Tan’s Favourite book?


1 The Arrival by Shaun Tan 4.34 avg rating — 50,261 ratings score: 886, and 9 people voted
2 The Red Tree by Shaun Tan 4.52 avg rating — 5,487 ratings score: 494, and 5 people voted
3 The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan 4.32 avg rating — 5,150 ratings score: 491, and 5 people voted

What is Shaun Tan’s style?

Where was Shaun Tan born and raised in Australia?

A Melbourne-based award-winning writer, graphic artist and filmmaker born in Western Australia in 1974. In 2011, he received an Academy Award in the Short Animated Film category for The Lost Thing, which was adapted from his book of the same title.

What kind of work does Shaun Tan do?

Shaun Tan grew up in Perth. As well as writing and illustrating world-renowned books, he’s worked as a concept artist for animated films such as Pixar’s WALL-E, and he directed the Academy Award-winning short film, ‘The Lost Thing’, with Passion Pictures Australia. In 2011, Shaun won the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

How old is Shaun Tan from the Simpsons?

Shaun Tan is an illustrator from Australia. He was born on January 01, 1974 (47 years old) in Fremantle.

How old was Shaun Tan in the Lost Thing?

Shaun Tan 1 About. Shaun Tan is an Australian illustrator and author of children’s books and speculative fiction cover artist. 2 Works. His first feature film was The Lost Thing (2010). He was 36 when he starred in this movie. Since 2010, he has appeared in 6 feature films. 3 Education