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How much oil does an xs650 hold?

How much oil does an xs650 hold?

Yamaha XS 650 (TX 650)

Make Model Yamaha XS 650 / TX 650
Wet Weight 217 kg / 478 lbs
Fuel Capacity 15 Litres / 4.0 US gal
Average Consumption 5.0 L/100 km / 20 km/l / 47 US mpg
Oil Capacity 2.5 Litres / 2.6 US qts

How much horsepower does a Yamaha xs650 have?

Yamaha XS 650 / XS 650C

Make Model Yamaha XS 650 / XS 650C
Max Power 39.5 kW / 53 hp @ 7200 rpm
Max Torque 54 Nm / 5.5 kgf-m / 39.8 lb-ft @ 6800 rpm
Transmission 5 Speed
Final Drive Chain

What kind of oil should I use on my Yamaha XS650?

Heat them cherry-red and quench to soften the copper. 15/40 diesel oils were a good choice because most of them carried very low molybdenum content (some moly compounds will build up in your friction plates and eventually cause slipping) and a high ZDDP content.

What kind of engine does a Yamaha 650 have?

It was based on the BSA 650 dimensions, with 75 x 74mm bore and stroke, but it also had chain-driven overhead cam, it was soon to have an electric start and it had 36mm CV carbs. The engine even looked good. It was heavy, at a final 4671b, and power was slowly strangled by emission controls down to 50bhp, but it was torquey and didn’t leak oil.

When did the Yamaha XS 650s come out?

In 1979 came the XS650S, a bike which can be ‘thanked’ for the custom craze it inspired. It intelligently reverted to the single-disc option but had stepped seat, cast wheels (a 16in at the back), 2.5 gallon tank and sold for a very competitive £1399.

Is the Yamaha XS 650 a copy of the CB750?

The two couldn’t be further apart since the Honda was clearly the ‘new’, the way forward for Japan, while the XS-1 was a copy of the British bikes the CB750 would destroy. The irony is of course that the ‘copy’ also went on to survive and prosper long after the bikes it was cloned from had disappeared.