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How many convicts died on the Friendship First Fleet?

How many convicts died on the Friendship First Fleet?

The ships departed with an estimated 775 convicts (582 men and 193 women), as well as officers, marines, their wives and children, and provisions and agricultural implements. After 43 convicts had died during the eight-month trip, 732 landed at Sydney Cove.

How many convicts were on the 11 ships?

On May 13, 1787, a group of over 1,400 people in 11 ships set sail from Portsmouth, England. Their destination was a vaguely described bay in the continent of Australia, newly discovered to Europeans.

What happened to the friendship First Fleet?

Friendship was abandoned and deliberately sunk in Makassar Strait, off the coast of Borneo. Her surviving crew and supplies were transferred to Alexander.

Who was the oldest convict on the friendship?

“The oldest convict was Dorothy Handland, a dealer in rags and old clothes who was 82 years old in 1787. She had drawn 7 years for perjury.

What type of ship is the Friendship?

Friendship (1784 ship)

Great Britain
Fate Scuttled in the Straits of Makassar in 1788.
General characteristics
Type Brig

Who was on Friendship?

Aboard on the voyage to Botany Bay, were the Master, Captain Francis Walton, Assistant Surgeon Thomas Arnell and Marines, Captain James Meredith, Lieutenant Ralph Clark, and Lieutenant William. As the smallest of the transports Friendship probably carried a crew of around 20.

How many convicts died on the friendship?

Friendship arrived at Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia, on 26 January 1788. Two of her female convicts had died on the journey, one before the brig’s arrival in Rio, and one after transfer to Lady Penrhyn.

Where was the friendship convict transport ship built?

Friendship Convict transport ship (Marine artist Frank Allen) Friendship was a convict transport ship of 276 tons, which was built in Scarborough England, in 1784, for her owners Hoppers of Scarborough.

How many convicts were on board the friendship?

She was carrying 76 male and 21 female convicts, but the record of the number of persons aboard her varies. David Collins gave the following details in his book An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales: “The Friendship, of 228 tons, had on board 76 male and 21 female convicts; 1 captain, 2 lieutenants,…

How many convicts were in the First Fleet?

The number of convicts transported in the First Fleet is unclear; there were between 750-780 convicts and around 550 crew, soldiers and family members. Flannery, T 1999, The birth of Sydney, Text Publishing, Melbourne.

How many people were on the friendship ship?

She was carrying 76 male and 21 female convicts, but the record of the number of people aboard her varies.