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How many active Habbo players are there?

How many active Habbo players are there?

With paying customers in over 115 countries and over 850,000 active users a month, Habbo continues to be a hugely popular and globally recognised brand.

Is Habbo hotel still alive?

Despite everything, Habbo Hotel is still going and has outlived more modern social networking sites such as Vine and Google Plus. Despite everything, Habbo Hotel is still going and has outlived more modern social networking sites such as Vine and Google Plus.

Who owns Sulake?

Azerion Holding B.V.
Sulake/Parent organizations

Who created Habbo?


What can you do in Habbo?

Habbo is a free to play game, so you can explore a vast world of rooms, complete quests, chat and win prizes without ever having to pay a thing! Some in-game ‘extras’ like pets, Habbo Club membership, Builders Club membership and furniture can be purchased with Habbo Credits.

Why does Habbo keep disconnecting?

Disconnected – You keep getting a pop up message that tells you you’ve been disconnected. If this happens, it means the connection between your device and Habbo has broken. Sometimes you will still be able to speak and move about, but some parts of the Hotel (like your Navigator) might not work.

Is Habbo still flash?

Eventually the Flash client will be permanently discontinued and the full transition to Unity will be made. Alyx will be working with other community staff here at Sulake as well as Habbo community representatives over the coming months to ensure your voice is heard and satisfactory compromises are made.

Can I change my Habbo name?

You can simply keep the name like that or you can change it altogether. You will be notified at login if your name has been affected. Once you change it, you cannot change it again.

Is Habbo a good game?

Habbo Hotel is a great way to kill some time and can be a very fun and addictive experience! Playing mini-games is my favourite thing to do on this online virtual world and with fansites and veteran players constantly hosting games, there is always a game going on no matter what timezone you’re in.

How do I get my Habbo login code?

One-time login codes When you log into Habbo 2020 using a verified email address, you can choose to log in without even needing to enter your saved password. If you do this, you will be emailed a one-time login code, which acts as a password you can use once.

Why can’t I log into Habbo?

If you are having problems logging in to Habbo, here are some of the most common reasons and solutions: You are entering your Habbo password incorrectly. Your Habbo account is linked to a third party service like Facebook or Google and you’ve forgotten your password for that service.

Can you play Habbo without flash?

As many of the Habbos in our community are aware, Flash will be discontinued by the end of 2020.

How many people are playing the game Habbo?

The game boasts more than 800,000 monthly active users, reported in January 2021. Users on Habbo can create a Habbo character (avatar) and design hotel rooms, chat with other players, take care of virtual pets, create and play games and complete quests.

How many countries are there Habbo hotels in?

It has since been expanded to over 31 countries in five continents, including Hotelli Kultakala in Finland which was made into a Habbo Hotel and has been invested in by venture capitalists. In May 2006, the service, along with its domain names, were changed from (,, etc.) to (,, etc.).

What do you need to know about Habbo support?

Habbo has its help desk team available throughout to address any queries from the customers. The Support page of Habbo lists down all the answers for the clarifications from the members. There is exceptional support for the parents, which will help them to monitor their child’s activities over the network.

What do you call furniture in Habbo Hotel?

Furniture, more commonly called ” Furni “, are virtual items that may be used in Habbo Hotel to decorate and customize rooms. Furni comes in many different styles and colors and each one serves a unique purpose to create more of a ‘virtual life’ experience, whether it be laying down, opening a fridge or changing the colors of a room.