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How is the relationship between Captain Keller and James?

How is the relationship between Captain Keller and James?

After James proves himself right and the miracle happens, the family sits together; Captain Keller’s head is inclined toward that of James, his son, for whom he has acquired the respect that James so despertely has desired. Truly, Anne Sullivan has entered the Keller home and changed the lives of all within it.

What is James relationship with Helen?

James and Helen are half-siblings. Neither seems to view the other with much affection, particularly James, who is cynical about Helen’s capabilities. Helen does not seem aware he is her brother, since she mostly attaches herself to her mother and not so much her other relatives.

How does James Keller feel about Helen Keller?

James Keller – Helen’s half brother. He is probably in his late teens. He is indolent and sarcastic. He does not believe there is any hope for Helen; he thinks she is half mentally defective.

What is the basic conflict between James and Captain Keller?

Even from the beginning of The Miracle Worker , it is evident that there is animosity between James and his father, Captain Keller. James tries to resist his father’s authority but as he says himself, if his father makes any claim then “that makes it a fact.”(Act I) Even when…

How does Mrs Keller realize what has happened to Helen?

How does Mrs. Keller realize what has happened to Helen? She notices that Helen’s eyes do not move when she passes her hand over them. There is no response when she yells in Helen’s ears.

What do James and Captain Keller argue about at dinner?

Captain Keller and his son, James, are arguing over how and why the South lost the war. They focus their debate on the Battle of Vicksburg, which was won by Ulysses S. Grant.

Does Helen Keller marry?

Helen Keller never married or had children. However, she almost married Peter Fagan. When Anne became ill and had to take some time off, Peter, a 29 year-old reporter, became Helen’s secretary. During this time, the two grew close and made plans to marry.

How does Kate Keller react to Helen Keller?

Keller experiences a bittersweet reaction: Kate comprehends it, their first act of verbal communication, and she can hardly utter the word aloud, in wonder, gratitude, and deprivation; it is a moment in which she simultaneously finds and loses a child. So, in the end, Mrs.

Why does Annie wake up Percy?

Why does Annie wake up Percy? Annie knows that if she herself tries to touch Helen at this point, it will only make things worse, so she wakes Percy and has him reach for her, and Helen, sensing that there is someone else there besides her hated teacher, responds.