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How is mum in French?

How is mum in French?

Mum! Maman ! I’ll ask Mum.

How is your mom and dad in French?

Où sont ta maman et ton papa?

How do you greet your mom in French?

When a French child is talking to his/her mom, s/he may say: “bonne fête Maman” or “joyeuse fête maman”!

How is your mother French?

How is your mother? Comment va ta maman? – Bien.

What do French people call mother?

The word for mom in French is maman. This is pronounced mamahn.

How do you say hi mama in French?

Translation of “Hi, mama” in French. Hi, Mama, it’s Linds. Salut, maman, c’est Linds.

How do you say how are you in French?

You can use this to ask your friends and close acquaintances how they are doing. Ça va literally translates to it goes. If things in your life are just average, you can answer the question with the same exact phrase, ça va, which tells your friend it’s going. If it’s going well, you can say ça va bien.

What does it mean when someone says you are doing well in French?

“Je vais bien” is an extended response meaning, “I am doing well.” “Très bien” means “very well.” “Bien, merci” means “well, thank you.” “Tout va bien” means “all good.”

What does the word vous mean in French?

The first thing to note is the word vous (you). Vous is the formal “you” in French. Of course, in English the word “you” can be either formal or informal, but in French, as you will see ahead, we use tu for informal situations, such as hanging out with friends, and vous for everything else.

What does it mean to say what are you up to in French?

Qu’est-ce que tu fais literally means what are you doing but can also be interpreted as what are you up to. This question uses the informal you (tu) which is used between friends or people who know each other fairly well. You would not use this expression with someone you do not know well.