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How does overpopulation affect human life explain?

How does overpopulation affect human life explain?

Due to overpopulation and our constant need for factory-made products, there has occurred a loss of fresh water in the rivers and oceans. Factories discharge all its waste material in the rivers and lakes which results in loss of freshwater. Pollution in water bodies is not only limited to the source of factory waste.

What causes overpopulation of humans?

Human overpopulation Overpopulation can result from an increase in births, a decline in mortality rates against the background of high fertility rates. It is possible for very sparsely populated areas to be overpopulated if the area has a meagre or non-existent capability to sustain life (e.g. a desert).

What is overpopulation in human geography?

Overpopulation – The number of people in an area exceeds the capacity of the environment to support life at a decent standard of living. Pandemic – Disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects a very high proportion of the population.

What will happen if overpopulation occurs?

Consequences number, on the one hand, deforestation and desertification, extinction of animal and plant species and changes in the water cycle and the most direct consequence of all in the form of emissions of large quantities of greenhouse gases leading to global warming.

How is overpopulation defined?

Overpopulation refers to the exceeding of certain threshold limits of population density when environmental resources fail to meet the requirements of individual organisms regarding shelter, nutrition and so forth. It gives rise to high rates of mortality and morbidity.

Is overpopulation a good or bad thing?

There are some benefits of overpopulation, more people means more labor force, it can product more things, and more people will buy the products, However, the growth of population should be similar to the food supply, so overpopulation will cause lack of food, and as the rate of growth of population exceeds the rate of …

How dangerous is overpopulation?

Overpopulated areas face many challenges, most of which stem from the impact of climate change or human overexploitation of natural resources, but a recent study published by Nature Communications points to rising sea levels as one of the greatest dangers. According to this study, coastal areas currently inhabited by 300 million people are set to experience annual flooding by 2050, unless measures are taken to hold back the water – a figure three times higher than previous estimates.

Is there a humane solution for human overpopulation?

Overpopulation is a serious concern that does not yet have a practicable, humane solution. We know that overpopulation contributes to global warming and exacerbates food distribution and supply issues. Rapid population growth can also go hand in hand with impoverishment in less developed societies around the globe.

How do you fix overpopulation?

There are only a few solutions that can fix overpopulation. The first is education. By educating families on the importance of overpopulation, families can limit how many children they wish to conceive.

What are some overpopulation causes and solutions?

Causes. People are ignorant. They are not aware of the disastrous results of over-population so they overproduce children. Disastrous Effects. Overpopulation increases the demand for more jobs but employment opportunities decrease. Solutions. Family planning is the best measure to check overpopulation that causes countless social evils.