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How do you run a diagnostic on a Kenmore front load washer?

How do you run a diagnostic on a Kenmore front load washer?

How do I put it into diagnostic mode? Turn the dial to Drain/Spin, Press Pause/Cancel to turn off the control. Within 5 seconds, press and hold PAUSE/CANCEL and OPTIONS until the LED’s start chasing. Turn the dial one click clockwise to test each of the washer components (water valves, door lock, and motor).

How do I reset my Kenmore he2 washer?

Unplug or turn the circuit breaker off for 30 seconds. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet or turn the breaker back on and wait 30 seconds. Press the Pause / Cancel / Stop button twice to clear the display.

How do I reset my Kenmore front load washer?

The washing machine needs to be unplugged from the power outlet to perform the master reset. Plug the washer cord back into the wall after a minute. Within 12 seconds, open and close the door of the washing machine six times and send a reset signal to the components.

What is diagnostic mode on washer?

The washer’s diagnostic mode can be used to troubleshoot washer problems by viewing logged washer errors, performing an automatic diagnostic cycle, or manually turning on and off different washer parts to test for proper operation.

How do you put a Kenmore top load washer in diagnostic mode?

Close the door with the washer empty. Select “Drain/Spin” or “No Spin” by pressing the SPIN SPEED button. Within 5 seconds, push the “Prewash” option four times. The diagnostic should begin when C:00 light up.

What does the code 5d mean on a Kenmore washer?

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The 5d code is actually an Sd code and it means suds have been detected in the washer. This can indicate to much soap or the wrong kind of soap was used in the washer. Be sure HE detergent is being used. If can also indicate the drain pump is restricted or the drain hose is kinked.

How do you manually unlock a Kenmore he2 plus washer?

How to Manually Unlock a Kenmore Front Load Washing Machine

  1. Touch “Control Lock” for five seconds until “CL” disappears from the washer’s display to unlock the control panel.
  2. Press “Start/Pause” to manually pause the cleaning cycle.
  3. Pull the door’s handle to open the door and add or remove the clothing from the washer.

What does the Le code mean on a Kenmore washer?

The LE error code on a Kenmore front-load washer means that the washer won’t run at all or at the expected speed because the drive motor has locked up. Try these troubleshooting steps with your washer to find the cause of the drive motor problem and clear the LE code.

How do I test my Kenmore Elite washer?

Here is what I did to run a diagnostic.

  1. With the washer empty, close the door.
  2. Push “control/on” or “Start”
  3. Select “Drain/Spin”
  4. Select “No Spin” by pressing SPIN SPEED touchpad.
  5. Push “PREWASH” option four times within 5 seconds.
  6. C:00 should light up and begin the diagnostic.