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How do I tell my girlfriend I cross dress?

How do I tell my girlfriend I cross dress?

Tell her what role you see cross-dressing playing in your life and relationship, so that she knows what to expect and how to support you. Do you enjoy going out while dressed as a woman, or is it purely a private activity to indulge at home? What would you like her involvement to be, if any?

What does it mean if I Crossdress?

Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing not commonly associated with one’s sex. Cross-dressing has been used for purposes of disguise, comfort, comedy, and self-expression in modern times and throughout history.

Is cross-dressing a mental health issue?

Currently, cross-dressing itself is not considered a disorder, but in some people cross-dressing behavior may impair functioning and quality of life and/or result in anxiety and distress.

What are the 8 Paraphilic disorders?

The chapter on paraphilic disorders includes eight conditions: exhibitionistic disorder, fetishistic disor- der, frotteuristic disorder, pedophilic disorder, sexual masochism disorder, sexual sadism disorder, transvestic disorder, and voyeuristic disorder.

What causes someone to be a transvestite?

Transgender people have a gender identity that does not match their assigned sex, often resulting in gender dysphoria. The causes of transsexuality have been studied for decades. The most studied factors are biological, especially brain structure differences in relation to biology and sexual orientation.

What is paraphilic disorder?

Paraphilic disorders are paraphilias that cause distress or cause problems functioning in the person with the paraphilia or that harm or may harm another person. There are many paraphilias.

Is paraphilia a disability?

About a quarter report discovering the paraphilia in puberty and a few in maturity. The aforesaid has given grounds for the attraction to disability to be represented as the continuum Bruno (1997) termed factitious disability disorder.

What are the signs of gender dysphoria?


  • A desire to no longer have the primary sex characteristics of their birth-assigned gender.
  • A desire to be treated as the opposite gender.
  • A desire to have the primary and secondary sex characteristics of their preferred gender identity.
  • The insistence that they are a gender different from their birth-assigned sex.

Can paraphilias go away?

Most paraphilias emerge during adolescence although there is usually a connection with events or relationships in early childhood. Once established, they tend to be chronic, although some research has indicated that the behaviors will reduce as the individual ages (Barbaree & Blanchard, 2008).

Can a Woman Be Your Girlfriend if you crossdress?

Rarely will you find a woman that will accept your crossdressing with open arms and want to be your girlfriend so to speak. Just remember that the crossdressing aspect of your life is not why they chose to be with you. This is very important to remember and it’s a continuing theme throughout this self help document.

How do I tell my girlfriend about my secret cross dressing?

Sharing this media together also means you can open up a dialogue about gender expression and cross-dressing, and address any concerns, misinformation or biases she may have, so that you can feel safer and more confident telling her about yourself.

What did my wife say when I told her I was crossdressing?

My wife’s reaction to my well planned and honest reveal was, to threaten suicide. Somewhere along the lines: ‘I can’t live with you but, I can’t live without you’ followed by 36 hours in bed crying. Devastating, to say the least. It was truly a tough choice deciding between stopping dressing altogether and continuing and risking my marriage.

Can a crossdressing couple have a happy marriage?

We are always intrigued as to how couples met, when the subject of crossdressing was introduced and how the couple has navigated a path of understanding (and in some cases, encouragement) to what can be a potential mine-filed in a marriage.