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Does the spring constant change when stretched?

Does the spring constant change when stretched?

That is because the spring constant and the length of the spring are inversely proportional. That means that the original mass of (normalsize 30) gm will only yield a stretch of (normalsize 1) mm on the shorter spring. The larger the spring constant, the smaller the extension that a given force creates.

Does the spring constant remain the same?

The spring constant stays the same, assuming that Hooke’s law can be applied for every stretching of the spring.

Do spring constants change?

The more compliant (or softer) the spring is the more it moves for the same amount of force. The spring constant is simply the inverse of the compliance and sometimes also called stiffness. The stiffer the spring, the less it moves or, conversely, the more force is required to get the same displacement.

What is spring constant affected by?

Factors affecting spring constant: Wire diameter: The diameter of the wire of the spring. Coil diameter: The diameters of the coils, depending on the stiffness of the spring. Free length: Length of the spring from equilibrium at rest.

What happens to the spring constant when the spring is stretched?

More generally, the spring constant of a spring is inversely proportional to the length of the spring, assuming we are talking about a spring of a particular material and thickness. That is because the spring constant and the length of the spring are inversely proportional.

Does spring constant depend on mass?

Since k is the spring constant it doesn’t depend on the mass of the object attached to it, but here m signifies the mass of the object.

What happens if the spring constant increases?

A stronger spring-with a larger value of k-will move the same mass more quickly for a smaller period. As the spring constant k increases, the period decreases. For a given mass, that means a greater acceleration so the mass will move faster and, therefore, complete its motion quicker or in a shorter period.

Does spring constant change with mass?

Both springs have the same mass; only the spring constant (k) is different. A spring with a higher spring constant will have a shorter period.

Does spring constant depend on temperature?

As the temperature increases, the spring constant decreases. It can even be seen that the bands of data begin to spread due to creep at higher temperatures. This does not affect the spring constant calculations as the data bands include an equal number of points collected in both loading and unloading.

Does a stiffer spring have more elastic spring force?

A less stiff object can be stretched or compressed more easily. Comparing two elastic objects, more elastic spring force would act on the stiffer elastic object when they are stretched or compressed by the same length.

Does diameter affect spring constant?

Spring constant is a measure of the stiffness of the spring. If the thickness of the wire is increased then the spring constant increases. With an increase in the diameter of the coil of the spring constant decreases.

What happens if you heat a spring?

when you stretch the spring and heat it up to a certain temperature…you are basically ‘melting’ it a bit and putting heat into the system to allow molecules to re-position (re-distant) themselves, release stresses and settle on a new position of minimum potential energy.