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Does Pearson still make bows?

Does Pearson still make bows?

We are currently building the Ben Pearson name back to a recognized force for both competition and bow hunting through excellent equipment, pro and field staff, and social media.”

Are Ben Pearson bows any good?

Summary. Overall Ben Pearson archery is still going strong. Some archer prefer the below the radar popularity of these bows as they think they are hidden gems. In all reality these are very good bows that will stand up to today’s most popular bows.

What happened to Ben Pearson archery?

In 1967 the company was acquired by Leisure Group, which dropped the highest-end bows from production. In 1972, Leisure Group sold Ben Pearson Archery to the Brunswick Corporation.

Where are Ben Pearson lifts made?

the USA
Welcome to Ben Pearson Direct We are happy to be one of the few American Manufacturers still proudly building automotive equipment products in the USA. We have manufactured products in the sporting goods, agriculture and automotive industries for over 65 years.