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Did Bea Arthur have a mastectomy?

Did Bea Arthur have a mastectomy?

And while she’s still the same 5-foot-9½ she’s always been, she is, she points out, a lot lighter in the chest. Years after “Maude” went off the air, she reveals, she had breast-reduction surgery – and calls the results “a gift.”

What did Bea Arthur die from and how old was she?

(CNN) — Bea Arthur, the actress best known for her roles as television’s “Maude” and the sardonic Dorothy on “The Golden Girls,” has died of cancer, a family spokesman said Saturday. Bea Arthur, right, with “Golden Girls” co-star Rue McClanahan in June 2008. She was 86.

Did Bea Arthur die lung cancer?

Death and legacy Arthur died of lung cancer at her home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles on April 25, 2009.

What did Bea Arthur passed away from?

April 25, 2009
Bea Arthur/Date of death

Who is Bea Arthur’s daughter?

Barbeau came to prominence in the 1970s as Broadway’s original Rizzo in the musical Grease, and as Carol Traynor, the divorced daughter of Maude Findlay (played by Bea Arthur) on the sitcom Maude (1972–1978)….

Adrienne Barbeau
Occupation Actress singer author
Years active 1968–present

Did Bea Arthur have children?

Matthew Saks
Daniel Saks
Bea Arthur/Children
On April 25, 2009, at home with her family, Arthur died of cancer. She was 86. She was survived by her two sons, Matthew and Daniel, and her grandchildren, Kyra and Violet.

Who was the first golden girl to die?

Rue McClanahan passed away in 2010 at age 76 from a stroke. Bea Arthur died from cancer in 2009 at age 86, and Estelle Getty, who suffered from Lewy body dementia, a progressive brain disease, died in 2008 at age 84. Surviving Golden Girls star Betty White recently celebrated her 99th birthday.

Who was the youngest golden girl?

Rue McClanahan
Rue McClanahan was the youngest of the Golden Girls, according to Parade.

Was Bea Arthur born female?

May 13, 1922
Bea Arthur/Date of birth